The Fast Guide Opening an Inground Pool

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That’s it! Winter Is definitely over and summer’s definitely on its way. And that can only mean one thing. It’s time to open your inground pool!  

6 Steps to Open Your Pool

The title says this is a “fast” guide, so let’s get right to it.

Clean & Remove the Cover 

Depending on the type of cover you have, you may not need to follow all procedures, but the general direction will be the same. First, if there is water accumulated on the cover, use a pool cover pump to remove it and the risk of it falling into the pool.

Leave any debris that the cover pump didn’t remove to dry on the cover. That will make it easier to remove later, again with less risk of it falling into the pool. With as much water and debris as possible removed from the cover, carefully remove, clean and store it.

Skim the Pool

Remove as much debris as you can from the pool. You’ll do this again later, but doing so now will minimize the amount of debris that might get into your system.

Remove Winterizing Plugs & Compensators

Do this now before you forget. Circle the pool and remove any drain plugs you placed on pipes to stop water from getting in. Also, remove the plugs and ice compensator from your skimmer.   

Install Your Pool Accessories 

It’s best to reinstall the diving board, ladders, rails, slides and any other accessories now before you raise the water level.

Raise the Water Level & Prep and Run Your System

Using a garden hose, bring the water in the pool to the correct level for your pool. Reinstall the drain plugs, in your pump, filter, heater and chlorinator. Also install the pressure gauge, air bleeder and sight glass for the pump.

Prime the pump, open all the side valves and check for air in the plumbing. Turn on the pump and check the entire system for any issues, including leaks and damaged parts.

Clean the Pool, Balance the Water & Double Shock It! 

Using your skimmer, pool brush and vacuum, clean the water and the sides of the pool as best you can. Let your system run for at least 12 hours to circulate the new water.

Balance the water chemistry using a test strip and adjusting the water to the correct levels of total alkalinity, pH and calcium.

To get your water swimmingly clean, and to avoid more swimming  pool maintenance, later on, double shock the pool. Run the pump and filtration system for at least two hours. Then add Algaecide to the water, and run the system again for another 24 hours. 

Finally, jump in!

While this is a “fast” guide to opening your pool, there is a faster way to do it. Call the pool opening professionals at Jones Pools and leave the dirty work to us.

Springtime is also a good time to think about upgrading your pool. Learn more in our article “The Best Time to Renovate Your Pool”.

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