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January 7, 2021
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The Best Time to Renovate Your Swimming Pool

best time to renovate your swimming pool

Believe it or not, but right now is the best time for renovations. 

Yes, we know that it’s the middle of winter, your pool is still covered and has a layer of snow and/or ice on it. But if you’re thinking at all about a swimming pool renovation, right now is the best time for it.

Of course, we know that even if you decide this second to start a pool remodelling project, you’re not going to put on your jacket and boots and head out into your yard with a shovel.

But if you don’t start thinking and planning a pool renovation right now, you might miss the best time to physically start the renovation. 

Why You Should Start the Pool Renovating Process Now

Whether you’re thinking about a pool renovation, like refinishing the pool’s surface, or a pool upgrade, like adding a swimming pool water feature, doing so before the spring pool opening and renovating rush begins is the best time to do them for many reasons.

  1. Better Than Doing Them in the Fall
    You might see or hear some advice that the Fall is the best time to renovate your pool. That’s true, but only if you missed doing the renovations in late winter or early spring.

    When you renovate in the fall, you have missed an entire season of enjoying your renovation. You made your investment last year and you don’t get any returns on it until this year.

    But get your renovation done before the season starts, and you’ll be able to jump in as soon as the weather’s right. 
  2. Pool Installers Aren’t Busy – Many inground swimming pool installation companies are chomping at the bit for the phones to start ringing at the beginning of each pool season. If you call early, you may be able to get your pool completely renovated right away. And maybe even get a discount. 
  3.  It’s the best time for a Total Landscape Renovation – Maybe the pool area needs renovating, but what if you want to do some landscaping too? The middle of summer or into the fall isn’t always the best time for planting and landscaping. But early spring works. 

If you’re renovating the pool area, why not add more privacy? Check out our article “3 Ideas for More Backyard Privacy”.

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