A backyard swimming pool with a stone waterfall feature, set against a wooden fence

The Jones Pools

We feel very fortunate. We build swimming pools and backyard spaces for people.

Who doesn’t like a new pool or landscape? So, in a way, we’re in the business of making people happy. And, so far, judging by the referrals and reviews we get from our clients, we’re a success!

Making People Happy Since 1996

That good fortune has been with us from the beginning. After toiling for others for over a quarter century, Mike Jones took the leap and launched Jones Pools in 1996. But, even if you’re the best pool installer around, no one knows it when you’re a new company.

Word-of-Mouth Success

With his experience, and a vision of delivering better value for his client’s investment, it didn’t take long for Mike to start building the business based almost exclusively on his clients recommending him to their friends and family.

Jones Pools Today

We are a family-run business. Many of the same people who helped us open the doors in 1996 are still with us today. Most of our business still comes from client referrals. And, while many people have joined our team, we’ve expanded our services, bought new equipment and can do so much more than install pools for our clients, many other things remain the same.


Offer the Best Possible Value

This is what Mike Jones decided to offer that others didn’t. It works well for our clients and our company. They get 100% transparency, a dedication to quality and the highest level of customer service. We have peace of mind knowing we did the best we could, and we made another homeowner happy!

Maintain the Highest Standards

It starts with ourselves, our integrity and dedication. It carries into everything we do as a company; everything we do for our clients. We use the highest quality materials; the best, safest construction practices; we arrive on time and complete the project to schedule to the best of our ability; we have the highest respect for our customers, their homes and properties; we do whatever it takes to get the job done properly.

Practice Safety & Environmental Responsibility

Our standards may be highest regarding safety of the work site while we are on your property, and in respecting the environment in everything we do. A safe site protects you and your family, and our teams too. And considering your pool reflects nature, we do everything we can to protect the environment before, during and after your pool installation.

“It is in the aftercare that companies show their true colours. I am happy to report that the Jones Pool aftercare colours are aglow. Well done Jones Pools you are a shining example of how a successful company should be.”

Nathalie, Uxbridge, ON
Services mentioned: Pool Chemical & Parts Store

“The entire process from design, construction, coordination with our landscaping, and finally the ongoing servicing of the pool has been attentive, timely and professional. We are pleased to recommend Jones to others.”

Guy & Charlene, Aurora, ON
Services mentioned: Pool Service & Maintenance

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