5 Tips to Have a Great Pool Party

How to have a great pool party | Jones Pools

The first thing you need for a great pool party is great weather. But, unless you have some really powerful connections, that’s not something you can do anything about. Fortunately, the summer of 2018 seems to be delivering lots of great pool weather.

So, with sunny skies and warm temperatures on your side, here are just a few tips for throwing a swimming pool party that everyone will love.

1. Safety First!

“Safety” might not always be considered “fun”, but no one has fun when accidents happen. As the host, you should make sure that your guests are aware of how to be safe around the pool. You also need to be prepared for accidents, including having nearby first-aid kits and flotation devices. And always use unbreakable cups and plates around the pool.

2. Food & Refreshments for Everyone

In addition to having enough to go around, remember the different food and drink preferences your guests might have. Try to find out about any dietary restrictions. For refreshments, make sure to have lots of non-alcoholic options, including water and healthy choices like vegetable juices.

3. Think About What Your Guests Might Need

Have lots of sunscreen, stacks of clean towels, and maybe even a spare swimsuit or two. We are all forgetful and your guests will appreciate you covering for them.

4. Music Sets the Mood

Even if it’s just in the background, music helps set the vibe for a great party. Find or put together a playlist of fun, summertime music (‘Twisting By the Pool’ anyone?!). Bluetooth speakers let you bring the music right into the party, so make sure they’re all charged up!

5. Play Games

Even for grown-ups, pool games can add even more fun to the party. You probably have a few that your family already enjoys. Shooting baskets in a floating net are easy for everyone to play; cannonball contests are fun to watch and it’s always good to have some water pistols around.

Have Fun! In the end, great pool parties just happen. The more you do to set the stage, the more fun you’ll have.

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