Thinking About Installing an Inground Pool? Think About These 4 Health Benefits

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First, it might seem odd that, at a time when people are closing their pools and packing up for the summer, we’re writing a post about installing a swimming pool.

But we’ve told you before why fall is a good time to install an inground pool.

Still, that may not make your decision much easier. An inground pool is a major investment in your home. You may have been considering installing one for years, always weighing the pros and cons.

While the stereotype of backyard pools is one of fun and frolic, the reality is that a pool can offer many more benefits. Whether by choice or by necessity, many people use their swimming pool to keep themselves active and healthy.

4 Health Benefits of Swimming

Any physical activity you can add to your day is beneficial. But few activities offer a wider range of health benefits than swimming.

A Full-Body Workout

Unlike most other popular exercises, like running or cycling, swimming gives you a relatively even, full-body workout. Your legs, arms, back and core muscles all play a big part in swimming.

Helps Your Heart & Lungs Too

In addition to helping you build and tone muscles all over your body, swimming is a great aerobic exercise that works out your heart and lungs.

It’s Low Impact

Again, unlike other popular exercise regimens like jogging, swimming has a very low impact on your bones and joints. That helps reduce your chance of injury and keeps you in the swim!

Great for Weight Loss

While walking for an hour burns about 314 calories in a 160 lb. person, even moderate swimming for an hour burns 423 calories. And you can incinerate 715 calories per hour with more vigorous swimming.

From helping you manage stress and improve your sleep, to being great for injury rehabilitation and people with asthma, there are many more benefits of swimming.

If you’d like to learn more about installing an inground pool this fall, get in touch with us here at Jones Pools.

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