Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Keep Your Pool In Great Shape!

Having your own swimming pool means lots of fun and relaxation. It also means that regular swimming pool maintenance is required in order to keep your pool in great shape, whether just for the summer or all year-round. Maintaining your water and the pool structure is not difficult, so long as you perform maintenance tasks on a consistent basis. Doing so will ensure that your water is always clean and refreshing, and that your pool structure will last you a long time without requiring frequent and major repairs.

Jones Pools offers these important swimming pool maintenance tips that will have you on your way to a clean, healthy and truly enjoyable pool.

  • Clean your skimmer baskets regularly, at least once every couple of days; and more often if your pool is near trees that often send a lot of leaves or twigs into the water. You should also have a long skimmer pole to fish debris out of the water.
  • Check the chemistry of your pool using a simple pool chemical kit that can be purchased at any pool or home improvement store. Learn what the results mean so that you can always ensure that the water is clean and healthy.
  • Learn the proper chlorine levels for your pool and ensure that the water is always properly chlorinated.
  • If you have a pool pump, you must check the lint pot on an approximate bi-weekly basis, and remove any hair or other debris that collects there.
  • The pool filter will do a lot of the cleaning for you, but you still need to check it every couple of months, or after heavy weather. There is a procedure to cleaning your pool filter that will keep it running at maximum efficiency.
  • Keep the water level adjusted so that the water line is just above the skimmer baskets.
  • You can invest in an automatic pool vacuum that will clean the floor and sides of your pool without you being there to control it manually. Running the pool vacuum once a week is a great way to keep the structure of the pool clean.

To learn more about swimming pool maintenance, such as proper PH levels and maintenance required for salt water pools or heated pools, consult the experts at Jones Pools. Our professionals have experience and knowledge of all types of pools. Together, we’ll keep your pool looking beautiful!

Contact us today to inquire about your pooling needs and for more swimming pool maintenance tips.

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