Swimming Pool Landscaping Ideas—From Your Local Experts

Swimming Pool Landscaping Ideas from Jones Pools, Your Local Pool Experts

Your backyard swimming pool can be much more than just a pool—it can be your personal oasis, your relaxing spa, a water games/activity area, and much more. It could be a waterfall, a little cozy stone cave, a bridge and a tunnel beneath, patio and deck areas, a waterslide, a water basketball or volleyball area, or any other features you want to add to make your swimming pool stand out as the one place everyone wants to be. The experts at Jones Pools are delighted to offer you sound advice and swimming pool landscaping ideas to enhance your pool area in a stylish, yet functional manner.

Upon examining the surrounding plants, trees and swimming pool floor closely, you may find many simple, yet significant areas that could do with some extra attention.

Purpose Of The Pool: The landscaping is likely to change depending on what kind of pool you have. For instance, while a swimming pool at a spa and healing center typically includes wheelchair navigation and waterfalls, you may want your swimming pool to be surrounded by a range of plants and trees to ensure privacy.

Picking The Right Florals: There are some key aspects to consider when choosing the plants you want around your pool. These include the following:


  • You don’t want to plant trees that frequently shed. While fruit and flower bearing trees might look beautiful, they will most likely contaminate your pool with flowers, seeds, fruits, nuts, needles, etc. Cleaning up that mess is quite a task and you may need to do that too often during the season.
  • The trees you plant must be steady and yet without invasive roots. The last thing you need is a pool with damaged plumbing caused by particularly strong and far-reaching roots.

Décor: With the right swimming pool landscaping, you can proudly show off a home that looks more than just good – your home can be the envy of the neighbourhood! Adding a stone façade around the pool, mosaic flooring, a sturdy deck, or swanky new theme lighting can make all the difference.

A professional who works on swimming pools day in and day out knows the minor details that can take your pool from ordinary to extraordinary! Jones Pools has a team of experts with the right knowledge, skill and experience to bring you the best in beauty, functionality and affordability.

Contact us today to enquire about swimming pool landscaping ideas and stunning pool designs.

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