6 Tips for Opening Your Pool

opening your pool

Spring is here and that means time to start thinking about opening your pool. The sooner you get ready to get the pool into shape for swim season, the faster and easier it will be to open your pool when the time comes.

Without further ado, here are a few tips to help you be ready for opening your pool and get into the swim of things as soon as possible this year.

1.Remove the Cover

Whether you have a vinyl cover or a solid safety cover, it likely has a lot water and debris on it. Use a sump pump to drain the water before removing any remaining debris. Remove the cover and lay it flat to finish cleaning it. Once it has dried, carefully fold it for storage.

2.Connect the Pool Equipment

Everything you disconnected last fall must be reconnected before opening your pool. This can include the pool filter, pump, heater and pool cleaner.

3.Test the Water

Using a test strip or, better yet, getting an entire pool opening kit, check your water chemistry so you know what it needs and how much. Test for total alkalinity, pH, chlorine, calcium hardness and stabilizer levels.

4.Clean or Replace Filters

If you have a diatomaceous filter, make sure you have enough DE powder for the season. If the DE filter is dirty, rinse it and clean it with DE filter cleaner.

If you have a cartridge filter, they should be replaced every few years and now’s the best time to do it if a replacement is due.

Sand filters can be cleaned with a sand filter cleaner.

5.Brush and Vacuum the Pool

Debris from the pool cover may have fallen into the pool and there may be some staining of the liner after the winter. Thoroughly brush and vacuum the pool before shocking the water.

6.Shock the Pool

Shocking the pool helps get rid of bacteria, algae and other organic compounds. Use enough shock for how much water is in the pool – about one kilo for every 40,000 litres.

If you’re looking for an easier way for opening your pool, contact us here at Jones Pools.

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