Pool Openings


Just like you… Pools are all unique in their own way. Some pools can be started at the time of opening, or may have a standard circulation system that can be started by you, the homeowner, once you have filled your pool. And some pools have more complex circulation systems with multiple pumps, and cannot be started until the pool is full which requires a return visit from one of our main service technicians. (Note: Pool can still be started by homeowner) This year we have adjusted our pricing to accom-modate you and your pool’s needs. You only have to pay for what is required. Prices have been reduced for a ONE visit opening, and increased for a TWO visit opening. The choice is simple & the choice is yours!


Pool opening includes:

  • Remove water & debris from winter cover
  • Bag leaves & place at end of driveway
  • Clean & fold winter cover (cleaner included)
  • Light vacuum with our trash [email protected] same time as opening 20 min. max.
  • Summarize pump, filter, heater (one pump is included)
  • Re-Install pool equipment ( eyeballs (jets), ladder, diving board…etc
  • Scrub winter scum line
  • Shock & prep cleanse added to pool Start-up pool @ time of opening *If possible* OR have ready for home owner to start themselves once they fill up pool * If possible*

    (Return visit for start-up-included)


    Please call in with your credit card info, or you can e-transfer to [email protected]

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REMINDER: SALT SYSTEMS: Should not be started up until water temperature reaches 65 degrees or higher and proper salt & stabilizer levels are achieved. Therefore we do NOT turn on your salt chlorine generator at pool opening or a start up. We do offer a Salt spring maintenance check (Cost is $85.00 + HST + salt & chemicals used) . You can book once you heat up pool to 65 degrees!!