What’s Included in Your Pool Opening Service

  • Remove water and debris from the cover, clean (cleaner included) and remove it
  • Fold cover & water bags
  • Bag leaves and place at end of driveway
  • Install all fittings
  • Clean & vacuum the pool with our trash pump (25 min max.)
  • Install all pool accessories & deck equipment
  • Scrub winter scumline
  • Start the system at time of opening if possible
  • Shock added to the pool

Get More Time in the Swim!

We’re trained and qualified, and we open more than 500 pools every year. We get the job done quickly so you can get back in the swim sooner.

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Basic Start-Up

After we open your pool we return to start-up the pool and check for equipment leaks

Advanced Start-Up

In addition to the Basic Start-Up services, the Advanced Start-Up includes starting automation, lights and water features.

Spring Salt Set-up and Cell Maintenance

We'll clean the cell, balance the pool chemicals, and start the salt system. Chemicals are not included.

Heater Cleaning

Performed by a licensed gas technician, your heater will work more efficiently and last longer.

Leak Detection, Pressure Testing and Sonar

Perhaps the most important preventative maintenance you can do on your pool.

Ongoing Services

Opening your pool is just the first step in maintaining your pool for the entire season. We offer a range of packages for regular, weekly cleaning and chemical services so you don’t have to bother.

Check out our weekly Cleaning and Chemical Services Packages

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“The entire process from design, construction, coordination with our landscaping, and finally the ongoing servicing of the pool has been attentive, timely and professional. We are pleased to recommend Jones to others.”

Guy & Charlene, Aurora, ON
Services mentioned: Pool Service & Maintenance

“It is in the aftercare that companies show their true colours. I am happy to report that the Jones Pool aftercare colours are aglow. Well done Jones Pools you are a shining example of how a successful company should be.”

Nathalie, Uxbridge, ON
Services mentioned: Pool Chemical & Parts Store