Why an Automatic Pool Cover Makes So Much Sense

Why use an automatic pool cover | Jones pools

When you start thinking about the first one, the other advantages of automatic pool covers start to fall into place like dominoes. So what’s that big first advantage?

Automatic Pool Covers Cover Your Pool Automatically

Yes, we are stating the obvious, but few pool owners realize how many other benefits they get from that one obvious advantage. By covering your pool automatically, you don’t’ have to bother. You might not realize how often you leave your pool cover off because it’s a pain to roll it out and roll it in again every time you swim.

The Benefits of an Automatic Pool Cover

With an automatic cover, you will cover your pool more often, and enjoy these benefits and more.

1. More Safety

An automatic cover won’t prevent safety issues from happening, but they are an extra layer of safety. With the cover in you have that added layer of protection.

2. Keep More Heat in the Pool

When the cover is on the pool, you keep more heat in the water. More heat in the water means a more comfortable swim.

3. Keep More Debris Out of the Pool

How about the fact that you won’t have to clean the pool as often considering that there will be less stuff falling into it. And you won’t have to bother cleaning out filters and traps as often either.

4. Reduce Evaporation

You’d be surprised at how much water is lost to evaporation when the cover is off the pool.

5. Maintain Chemical Balance

With less exposure to the elements, your pool chemistry will stay in balance longer for healthier swimming and less fiddling with chemicals.

6. Lower Your Energy Bills

With less heating and filtering to do, you’ll use less power too.

7. Extend the Life of Your Pool Equipment

Think about it, with less work to do, your pool equipment will need less maintenance, fear repairs and, ultimately, it will last a longer time.

If you’re not convinced of all the advantages of installing an automatic pool cover, here’s one more. With the savings you get from longer equipment life, lower energy bills, fewer chemicals needed and less water used, your automatic pool cover can pay for itself. Contact us at Jones Pools to find out more.

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