How To Open An Above Ground Pool

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In the excitement of getting and setting up your new above ground pool, you probably followed the instructions to the letter. But now you might not even remember where you left the owner’s manual. And, despite the weather, it’ll soon be time for opening the pool.

Instead of guessing at everything you need to do, it’s best to get a refresher course on how to open an above ground pool, before you do something, or not do something, that’ll make your swimming pool maintenance a tougher chore later.

7 Steps to Open Your Above Ground Pool

Before you begin, get together all the things you’ll need. These include

  • a pool cover pump,
  • a soft broom or brush
  • Pool cover cleaner
  • Above-ground pool opening chemical kit
  • Another person to help you
  1. Clear Off the Pool Cover & Remove the Cover – You’ll need your extra pair of hands for this one to minimize the amount of debris that falls into the pool. Use the winter cover pump to get rid of water trapped in the cover. Use the broom or brush to get rid of the leaves and debris, but do so as gently as you can. Get your friend to help you remove the winter cover, keeping it clear of the pool (don’t drag it across the top of the pool). Try to let as little dirt and debris as possible fall into the pool water.  
  2. Remove the Winter Drain Plugs – Remove them all from the various openings around the pool, including the return jets and skimmer bucket (remove the skimmer plate if you have one). Replace the skimmer baskets and return jets in the return line.  
  3. Top-Up the Pool Water – Raise the level of the water in the pool to halfway up the skimmer opening. 
  4. Set-Up the Pump & Filter Equipment – Remove any plugs in the equipment. Attach the hoses in the following order. Connect the skimmer opening to the pool pump. Connect the pump to the filter. If you don’t have accessories, like a heater or chlorinator, connect the filter to the return inlet. If you do have accessories, connect the filter to them, then connect them. to the return inlet. 
  5. Run the Equipment – Once you turn it on, the first thing you should check is whether water is moving through the filter system. If not, you should shut off the equipment and prime the pump with water. Check all connections and equipment for leaks. 
  6. Clean the Pool & Add the Pool Opening Chemicals – Clean the pool water as best you can. Add and balance the start-up chemicals according to the instructions in the kit. If the kit doesn’t include a shock treatment, you should shock your pool after all the chemicals are balanced. 
  7. Run the System and Recheck It – Let the pump run for at least 24 hours. Clear out any debris in the water of skimmer. Retest your chemical balance and adjusted as needed. If everything’s ready to go, you’re ready to swim.

Of course, you can always leave it to the pros to take care of your pool opening service this spring. Submit a request or call us today to book your service now.

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