How To Maintain Your Pool Cover During The Winter


As winter approaches, you have to make sure you are properly maintaining your pool cover. At the end of the day, your cover is the only thing protecting your pool from debris and snow. So, it has to be in good condition all winter long. 

Let’s go over some ways you can help maintain your cover throughout the winter. 

Use The Right Cover 

Ensure you are using a cover that fits your pool and protects it from outside debris and snow. You don’t want your cover to fall into the pool during the winter. Additionally, make sure you mark where your pool cover edges are. This way, you can keep track of where your cover is throughout the winter. 

Patch Holes 

If there are any holes in your cover, your pool will not be fully protected. When your pool cover is on, be sure to patch up any holes. This is a good way to maintain your cover and see if you will need a new one for the next season. 

Remove Snow 

Snow levels can get very high during the winter. Snow is also extremely heavy when it piles up. It is important to try and remove as much snow as possible from your cover. This way, there will not be as much weight sitting on your pool. However, do not use a shovel as this could tear or damage the cover. 

Keep The Tension

All of your pool cover springs should be the same. One side should not have more resistance than another. Make sure you adjust the straps if any are loose and monitor them throughout the winter. 

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