5 Reasons to Add a Pool Cabana

adding a pool cabana has many benefits

In a way, owning an inground swimming pool is like having a hobby. There’s always something you can do to make your pool better. In addition to swimming pool maintenance, you can always enhance or add to the landscape around the pool, install a beautiful swimming pool water feature, or just make sure your funky float collection is up-to-date.

But of all swimming pool upgrades and enhancements you can do, none are quite like adding a pool cabana. First, it’s a whole new structure in your yard. But, more exciting than that, the options are almost endless for how you use and enjoy a cabana. 


5 Benefits of a Pool Cabana

  1. A Shady Spot – If your yard doesn’t have a covered deck or shady trees, it’s nice to have more options for shade when you want to get out of the sun – or rain. A cabana is a beautiful option. 
  2. Less Wear & Tear on Your House – By including a change room in your cabana, you can reduce the traffic in your home by giving your guests another place to change their clothes or use the facilities. 
  3. More Storage in Your Yard – Whether you use it exclusively for pool-related toys, accessories and equipment, or you turn it into a complete storage solution for your yard, including mowers and weed whackers, a cabana gives you storage right where you need it most. 
  4. A Place to Enjoy Your Meals – Not only is it a covered place to eat, but you can make it a full outdoor kitchen too. 
  5. A Relaxing Evening by The Pool – Add a fireplace and Bluetooth speakers to your cabana and have a warm cozy spot to unwind on a summer’s eve.

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