Why You Need These 4 Pool Enhancements

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Are you a pool owner that is looking to improve the state of your pool? Well, your options are extensive. It can be hard to know exactly what enhancements will help you create the best pool experience for you and your guests. Whether you are installing a new swimming pool or already have one, the following enhancements are all possible.

Colour LED Lights 

One of the most beneficial pool enhancements is colour LED lights. Pool lighting is a great way to bring your pool and entire backyard to life. You can install the lights during your pool installation or do so after the fact. With certain lights, you can control which colours are displayed throughout the pool. In some instances, you can even display a variety of colours. 

Colour LED lights can also increase the safety of your pool. The lighting will showcase exactly where the pool boundaries are, meaning your family and potential guests can locate it easily. It can prevent anyone from falling in the pool and can allow you to see in the pool easier. It is a must-have for pool owners. 

Salt Chlorinator 

Pool maintenance is important to keeping a pool clean and usable. The water in your pool needs to be maintained on a daily basis to ensure the chemical ratio is balanced. If you have a chlorine pool, you can improve your swimming conditions with a salt chlorinator. 

Chlorine pools tend to come with some issues, like itchy eyes, irritated skin, and intense odors. However, the salt chlorinator can control the chemicals, giving off conventional chlorine and eliminating the problems. 

Water Fall

One of the most eye-catching external enhancements to a pool is a waterfall. It circulates the water throughout the pool, it is stunning to look at, and it adds a unique water feature. A waterfall also adds a soothing aspect to your pool, and you can also add lights to it. 

It’s a great way to enhance your pool and your entire backyard. If you are interested in a waterfall, contact a professional pool company, like Jones Pools, to ensure it is done to your standards. 

Automatic Pool Covers 

Automatic pool covers make it possible to enjoy all the benefits a pool cover offers, without ever having to actually roll out the cover. You could close your pool even when you leave for an hour or two to prevent debris from getting in your pool. 

Your chemicals can last twice as long and you can save up to 70% in heating costs, while also extending your pool season. It is extremely beneficial in the big picture. 

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