What Chemicals Do You Need For Your Pool

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Your pool needs chemicals in order to stay clean and safe for swimming. Without chemicals, it can become filled with bacteria and viruses. It can also become dirty to the point where you need professional help to clean it or get repairs done. 

Let’s go over what chemicals you need in your pool to avoid any problems. 


Sanitizers are used to keep the water in the pool sanitized and disinfected. They can kill any organic debris that is in your pool and prevent the growth of any algae or bacteria. Sanitizers also kill pathogens that can cause illnesses for swimmers. Chlorine is the most common sanitizer used in pools. 


Oxidizers are another type of sanitizer that should be used every few weeks. Their purpose is to kill any algae or bacteria that could be in the pool. Chlorine Free Shock is one oxidizer that is fast acting and very effective. One of the main benefits of the free shock is that you can swim right after it’s been treated. 

Water Balancers 

If the chemicals in your pool become unbalanced, then it can create unsafe swimming water. In order to keep your water balanced, you should be checking the chlorine and pH levels many times a week. If you find that they are unbalanced, you can adjust them as needed. You should also check the calcium hardness and cyanic acid levels if the pH levels are unbalanced. 

Special Chemicals 

You may run into other issues such as algae, clogged filters, or stains. There are many different chemicals such as algaecides, filter cleaners and stain removers that you can use to fix these problems. You want to keep your pool in the best possible condition so you can prevent any issues. 

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