Your Pellet Grill Guidebook

Pellet Grill Guidebook

In addition to your swimming pool and water features, the best backyard “oasis” will have many features that are normally found inside your home. For example, you need comfortable furniture, great lighting and at least the option of having a roof over your head.

But there’s one interior element your oasis needs, but that’s difficult to recreate in your yard. Cooking options.

While your kitchen may have a microwave, oven and slow cooker, all you can usually have in your backyard is a barbecue. If you want to slow-smoke salmon filet, you need a smoker. If you want to bake vegetables, well, you usually need to use your regular kitchen. 

Unless, of course, you have a pellet grill. 


4 Benefits of a Pellet Grill

In case you haven’t heard of pellet grills, they are the talk of the barbecue world for the many cooking options they offer.  

Pellet grills use compressed hardwood pellets for fuel. The pellets are stored in a hopper until an auger pulls the necessary number of pellets into a firepot, based on the temperature you set on the grill. A hot metal rod ignites the pellets, which smoke (remember, they are hardwood) and create heat. The design of the cooking area of the grill distributes the heat much like a convection oven. 

In addition to offering a variety of cooking options, here are just a few of the other benefits of pellet grills.


  1. No Direct Flame – While some pellet grills offer an option for searing meat over a direct flame, the hallmark of the grills is the convective heat. The convection is aided by heat baffles and deflectors, which also protect meat from direct fame. 
  2. Even Heat – Like with a convection oven, you don’t have to worry about your steak coming out well-done on one end and rare on the other
  3. Choose Your Smoke Flavour – Pellets are available from different woods, including pecan, hickory and cherry. You can even mix’n’match pellets to try different smoke flavours. 
  4. Easy Operation – Despite the different cooking options, pellet grills are very easy to use. Depending on the model you choose, you can start and maintain consistent heat throughout the cooking time by setting the temperature you want and pressing the start button. 


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