What to Consider Before You Install an Inground Pool

Here are some tips you should know if you are thinking of installing an inground pool

It’s the dream of many homeowners. But no matter how much or how long you’ve wanted it, you need to get the right answers to a number of questions before you decide to install an inground swimming pool.


4 Questions to Answer Before Installing an Inground Pool

By taking the time to consider the following, not only will you avoid disappointment, but you’ll probably end up with a better in-ground for your needs.


  1. Are You Budgeting for Everything You’ll Need? There’s more to installing an in-ground swimming pool than installing the pool. From the type of pool you choose, including vinyl pools and concrete pools, to the accessories you want, like diving boards or swimming pool water features, the installation cost of a certain-sized pool can vary widely. You may also need to grade your yard and, depending on where you live in the GTA, you might have to install an enclosure fence around the pool, both of which add to your pool prices. 
  2. Is Your Yard Big Enough for the Pool You Want? – Pools generally cannot be built right up to your property line. Large trees and other landscaping can also affect how large a pool you can install and where you put it. 
  3. Is There Enough Space for Installation Equipment to Get Into Your Backyard? Whether all the equipment can get into the yard, or just some, can affect the pool cost and installation time. 
  4. Are There Utility Lines Above or Below Your Property? If there are any utility lines running across your yard, they will need to be rerouted and that too will add to installation costs. You will also need to know if there are any underground utility lines running beneath where you want to install the pool.


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