How To Prepare Your Pool For Spring

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Preparing your pool for spring allows you to get one step ahead. It can allow you to open your pool faster, giving you a longer swimming season. If you did not check up on your pool throughout the winter, it is best to take a look at it as spring approaches. 

Let’s go over how to prepare your pool for the spring. 

Skim or Vacuum Your Pool 

You can start preparing your pool about 1-2 weeks before you plan to use it. Even though your pool probably hasn’t been used throughout the winter, there is a chance that some bacteria has grown or some excess debris has been left. Skimming your pool will get rid of any debris. After you have skimmed it, run your vacuum for about a day to get rid of any dirt or grime at the bottom of your pool. 

Test The Water 

Once your pool is clean, it’s time to test the water. Since the water has been sitting in your pool all winter, you want to see what the chlorine, pH, and water hardness is. Once you have an idea of where your pool water is, you can adjust the chemicals accordingly. Make sure your pool’s pump is running when you add the chemicals so they will circulate throughout your entire pool. This will make opening your pool easier. 

Clean Your Pool Accessories 

Cleaning your pool accessories is important since they haven’t been in use all winter. You can do this while you wait for chemicals to circulate through your pool or right before you have to use them. Cleaning your pool cover can make it easier to close next winter. If you have pool noodles or inflatables, wiping them down with a wet rag can remove any dust. This way, no dust or debris will carry into your freshly cleaned pool. 

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