How to Plant the Perfect Poolside Garden

Are you looking for a wallet friendly option to upgrade your pool this summer? Here's how to plant a poolside garden to elevate your backyard

If you’re like most inground pool owners, every year around this time you start thinking of what you can do this year to enhance the pool. Yes, you can add a cabana, or a spa, or an outdoor kitchen. But let’s just say you want to take a year off from emptying the bank account to upgrade your pool.  Here’s how to plant a poolside garden to elevate your backyard pool.


4 Tips for the Perfect Poolside Garden

Plants and landscaping around your pool are an economical way to improve your pool’s curb appeal. Every year your pool garden will grow, you can add to it or trim it down, so that it is always something different and fresh.

Have you tried to attempt a poolside garden before? If so, you didn’t care for the extra swimming pool maintenance from the dirt and leaves, right? Fear not. Use the following tips and plants for a rewarding garden by the pool.

  1. Keep a Bit of Distance between Plants and the Pool – One of the biggest complaints from pool owners who put a garden too close to the pool is the added leaves, debris and dirt that ended up in the pool.  Plant your garden at least two metres from the pool. 
  2. Use Plants that Are Low-Growing – If you want to avoid too many leaves in the pool, even a large shrub can be a problem. Definitely don’t put trees too close to the pool and look for plant varieties that don’t drop too many leaves, needles or cones. 
  3. Think About the Health of the Plant – First of all. Chlorinated water isn’t bad for your plants. Most pools have full sun exposure and plants will likely be getting splashed with water even between watering. So species that like shade or dry conditions might not be ideal. 
  4. Try These Species –  Aloe and yucca are perfect pool plants whose fronds give a tropical look while needing little maintenance and loving the sun. Small palms like a Mediterranean fan palm, can add to the island vibe.

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