How To Avoid Pool Pump Damage

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Pool pump damage is common. It is easy for pumps to get clogged or to stop working due to varying temperatures. If they are not properly maintained, then damage is more common and likely. Typically, pool pumps are designed to last between 5-9 years. And, damage can be costly when they happen. 

Here are some ways to avoid pool pump damage. 

Keep The Water Circulating 

If water gets stuck in your pool pump, it can freeze and cause it to crack. Make sure the water in your pool is constantly circulating. Keep the water circulating even when the temperatures begin to drop. Any excess water left in your pumps when the pool is closed can freeze and crack over the winter as well. 

Prevent Air Bubbles 

Air leaks can occur if there are leaks or gaps in your pool. And, they commonly happen in the pump drains, lids, and filters. When air bubbles occur, your pumps will overwork, which can cause them to overheat and burst. Make sure to check for leaks around your pumps, and have them sealed and fixed immediately. 

Keep Proper Water Levels 

Pool pumps will run dry if they don’t have enough water. If they do this, then they can burst, melt the pump shaft, and ruin other pump parts. Maintain your pool’s water level at mid-skimmer level. Check the water level on a daily basis to make sure it stays at this level. 

Remove Leaves & Debris 

Usually during the start and end of the season, there will be excess leaves and debris in and around your pool. Make sure to keep them out of your pool by cleaning it on a daily basis. If they make their way into the pool pumps, they can clog and damage them. 

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