3 Pool Landscaping Ideas

pool with landscaping

Ask any in-ground pool owner how they enjoy their swimming pool and you’ll get answers like “the kid’s love it!”, “I need the exercise!” or “we love to entertain by the pool!”. But you’re not likely to get “I really appreciate the landscape design around the pool”.

But, if you remove all your backyard landscaping, all the gardens, walls, whatever you have, it could affect how much enjoyment you get from the pool itself, regardless of what you enjoy most about the pool. 

In other words, the setting for your pool, the landscaping features that surround the pool, helps you better appreciate the pool and enjoy it more.

Make These Ideas Part of Your Landscape Planning 

The beauty about landscaping around your backyard swimming pool is you can have as much involvement in the landscaping as you like. Have a green thumb? Start planting. Are you a handy person? Build a retaining wall. Are you none of the above? Hire a landscaper and tell them your design ideas.

  1. Renovate the Pool Deck – Yes, this isn’t exactly landscaping. But your pool deck is the transition from your pool to the landscape of your outdoor space. You may want a raised flower bed nearby, or to build walkways to other parts of your yard.

    The better the deck can accommodate whatever ideas you have to landscape the pool area, the more natural, and less “tacked on”, they will look.  
  2. A Fire Pit – Not only does this give you another element to your pool landscape, but it helps you enjoy the pool area into the night, and it helps to extend your pool season, both in the spring and fall. 
  3. A Water Feature – Landscapes are made up of natural elements. Along with the fire that will rise from your pit, a water feature, like a pool waterfall, pouring into your hot tub or spa, is not just another slice of nature, but a relaxing sound and visual treat.

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