3 Must Have Features For Your Pool

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Adding features to your pool can completely transform the look and feel of it. Certain features may create more of a relaxing feel, whereas some can make it feel like it’s time to party. As the season is changing, it is time to start considering whether or not you want to add some features. 

Let’s go over 3 must have features to consider.

LED lights 

If you enjoy night swims or just want some extra lighting in your backyard, LED lights are the answer. These can be installed to illuminate steps, ladders, spill over spas, or any other water features. Additionally, they light up surrounding areas such as walk ways, acting as a safety feature as well. This can be beneficial if you have children or pets that hang out around the pool. They can also help your backyard feel like an entertainment spot. 


Creating a zen environment can be challenging, but waterfall features can help. It is very soothing to lay in or around a pool and hear the water running from the waterfall. Additionally, it can make your backyard feel like an oasis. Waterfalls also add an eye-catching element to your backyard, leaving an impression on any guests. Another benefit is they can help circulate water so it stays at a certain level and temperature. 


Having jets can help circulate water throughout the pool and keep the temperature how you like it. However, adding jets that shoot out of your pool can create a fun, water park like feel. They can be installed to create certain streams of water, whether there is one going across the pool or multiple going across one another. It is a fun feature that makes your pool appear very exciting. 

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