If It’s Winter It’s Time to Think About Your Pool – Part 2

Protecting your pool

Yes, we know. When it’s underneath a blanket of snow and ice, it might not be the ideal time to be thinking about your pool.

Or maybe it’s the best time.

As we mentioned in “If It’s Winter It’s Time to Think About Your Pool – Part 1”, the pool ‘downtime’ in winter is a great time to think about ways to make your pool and yard an even better place to be when the spring and summer roll around.

In addition to the usual plans for opening your pool, you can also entertain thoughts of updating and/or enhancing your pool’s features, looks and safety before you get too busy – or it gets too late.

In addition to the suggestions we made in Part 1, here are a few more ideas for you to consider.

1. An Automatic Pool Cover

Even if you have a handy roller, there are still times when you don’t cover your pool because you can’t be bothered unrolling it. An automatic pool cover combines convenience, safety and solar heating in a single upgrade. Not bad.

2. A Waterslide

If you think they’re just for kids, well, just wait until you add one to your pool. They are a safe, fun way to add a new dimension of ool enjoyment – for kids of all ages.

3. Water Features

If you enjoy just sitting and relaxing by your pool, imagine how much better it would be with a water feature. A babbling waterfall, creative fountain or cooling mist sprayer can all be added to give you another thing to like about the pool even when you’re not in it.

4. Tanning Ledges

If you want to add one of the latest trends in pool features, tanning ledges give you a platform to lie right in the water or to put your lounge chairs on them for a unique new way to relax in your pool.

 From adding a hot tub or spa, to making the switch to a saltwater chlorinator, there are lots of different ways to upgrade your pool. And now’s the time to start planning for them.

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