Winter Safety Pool Covers Offer Many Advantages Over Traditional Tarp Covers


Why Winter Safety Pool Covers Are Better Than Tarp Covers

The expression ‘out of sight, out of mind’ usually describes a situation where something that is seen infrequently, or not at all, will likely be forgotten. While this is an essentially benign phrase, often used to rationalize why something has been forgotten, it can also be an omen of serious consequences that may come to pass, particularly in the case of swimming pool safety over the winter months.

When homeowners close their pools for the winter and the covers are finally in place, there may be a tendency to forget, in a manner of speaking, that these pools are still in their backyards. Their thought process might be that the pool is closed, the cover is on, and so all should be good until next spring – out of sight, out of mind.

But what about the aspect of safety during the winter, especially for children, pets, or those who might enter the property for various reasons and may not be mindful of the danger when snowfall covers or partially obscures an inground swimming pool? For such factors, pool owners may wish to invest in/upgrade to security-style winter safety covers over the more traditional tarp style cover.

These newer security-style winter safety pool covers are available in solid vinyl and mesh formats, and they offer several distinct advantages versus the standard/commonly used type of pool covers. Depending on the type of material, these benefits will include:

  • Added safety – can be walked on (if installed properly)
  • Greater stability – secured in place to lie flush with the pool deck
  • Durability – longer lifespan than traditional covers
  • Lighter-weight material – easy installation and removal
  • No surface pooling (mesh) – water passes through; no pump needed
  • Total sunlight block (solid) – prevents algae growth in the spring
  • Blocks most/all debris – less cleaning needed when pool is reopened

The choice between the mesh and solid vinyl varieties of winter safety pool covers will primarily be a matter of preference for pool owners. Although they are both much more effective than a traditional tarp cover, each style of pool cover has differential features that may influence the decision in one direction or the other:

Advantages of mesh

  • Lighter – easily installed/removed by one person
  • Less expensive (by up to a few hundred dollars)
  • Pump not required – an additional cost savings
  • Longer lifespan – 10-15 years vs 7-10 years for vinyl

Advantages of solid vinyl

  • Full blockage of sunlight – prevents algae growth
  • Better/full debris blockage – keeps pool water cleaner

Pool owners who are interested in the added benefits of winter safety pool covers but uncertain about choosing between mesh and solid vinyl formats may wish to consult with the installation experts from Jones Pools to determine which material is best for their specific backyard environment.

We Carry A Wide Range Of Products Including Winter Safety Pool Covers

Safety pool covers can help establish a worry-free winter for pool owners, particularly if their backyard tends to be an out of sight-out of mind setting over the winter months. The installation team from Jones Pools can help create this level of safety and peace-of-mind through their expertise in fitting both mesh and solid vinyl safety pool covers in all shapes and sizes.

Fitting winter safety pool covers is just one of the many installation and maintenance services provided by the professionals at Jones Pools. Pool owners may also appreciate the benefits of our other products and equipment such as:

  • Salt chlorinators
  • Solar heating systems
  • Automatic pool covers
  • Variable speed pumps
  • Water features and lighting

To ensure a safe and worry-free winter plus save time and effort when opening your pool next spring, call the product specialists at Jones Pools today at either 905-642-9522 or 905-862-0414 to discuss our winter safety pool covers and determine the format that will work best for your backyard setting.

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