Why You Need To Close Your Pool Correctly For The Winter

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A dreadful task for many pool owners is closing your pool for the winter. Although you may have done it many times already, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cautious or careless. If for some reason your pool is closed incorrectly, there are many issues that can arise. It can even lead to you losing a pool season due to repairs. 

Here are a few things that can happen if you do not close your pool correctly for the winter.

Liner Damage 

Low temperatures can damage your pool liner since it can become brittle. Usually, this occurs when there is not enough water left in your pool for the winter. And, when the liner becomes brittle, it is prone to tears which can lead to costly repairs or replacement. 

Pool Cover Damage 

One of the main things protecting your pool is the cover. Whether you have an automatic or manual cover, its job is to protect your pool from snow or debris, and maintain a proper pool temperature to prevent freezing. If you do not correctly place your cover on your pool, it could rip and expose your pool. It will be more challenging to repair it in the winter also, so you risk more damage after the cover is damaged. 

Plumbing Damage 

A very important step in winterizing your pool is to thoroughly drain the pipes of water. Any water that is left behind can freeze and burst the pipes. Your entire plumbing system may need to be replaced if pipes freeze over winter. So, taking the time to do it properly can save you from having to do a costly repair. 

Algae Growth 

Throughout the winter, you should be checking on the chemical balance in your pool water. If it becomes unbalanced, and it is left untreated, you risk algae and bacteria growing and infecting the water. Algae can clog water filters and contaminate the water, which may mean you have to completely drain your pool, clean it, fill it, then re-treat the water. 

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