Pool Closing? No Way! Make it an (almost) Endless Summer

Extending the use of your pool in the fall | Jones Pools

The two highest daily temperatures in the GTA this summer were recorded at the end of June and in early September. While that’s a clear sign of how long and hot the this summer was, September usually gets pool owners thinking about closing the pool.

While no one knows what the fall will bring, the summer’s been great so far, so why not keep it rolling instead of closing the pool?!

Tips for Extending the Summer with Your Swimming Pool

To keep your pool season going this year, there are two main considerations. First, there are the practical considerations for the pool itself.

Check Water Temperatures

While you don’t want to run your heater more than necessary, cooler nights can sap a lot of the heat from the water. You might have a nice warm dip one day and jump into icy waters the next.

Cover it Up

Keep you pool covered as much as possible. It gives you two big advantages for extending the season. First, it keeps more heat in the water, which has the added bonus of lowering how much you use your heater. The cover also helps keep the pool clean. If you’ve done it before, keeping the pool open into the fall means lots more leaves and debri in the pool than usual.

Use Your Lighting

As the sun sets sooner, a well-lit pool area helps you enjoy the pool into the evenings. If you don’t want to get into wiring and installing permanent fixtures, a string of white holiday lights does a great job.

Get a Gas Fireplace

Whether it’s to warm up after a dip on a coolish night, of just to create that ambience that only comes from an open flame, outdoor fireplaces help you extend the summer whether you’re swimming or not.

If you decide to keep the pool open longer than usual, we hope you enjoy it. When you’re ready to close the pool, book a closing service with Jones Pools!

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