Why Pool Builders In Toronto Can Help Enhance Development Of Children

Why Toronto Pool Builders Can Help With Child Development

When pool builders in Toronto and the GTA are contracted to install a swimming pool, it would be reasonably safe to assume that a motivating factor for such a decision by the homeowner is just to create an environment for personal enjoyment. A swimming pool will undoubtedly provide hours and hours of fun for both family and friends in the privacy of one’s own backyard.

As well, homeowners may utilize the services and expertise of pool builders to help address specific needs such as:

  • To enhance the overall beauty of their home and property
  • To establish an outdoor venue for purposes of formal entertaining
  • Investing in the future value of the property
  • A need to strengthen or improve fitness and well-being

Another consideration for installing a swimming pool that has come to light recently, and that relates to families with young children, is the positive impact of swimming lessons at a very young age on development of social and intellectual skills. This acceleration of skills development was documented by researchers affiliated with the Griffith Institute for Educational Research in Queensland, Australia.

Customarily, swimming lessons are initiated for reasons of pleasure, personal safety, and general respect for the water. One may therefore be wondering how swimming lessons correlate to accelerated skills development in children. However, the Australian study did produce a number of important findings favouring child swimmers versus non-swimmers.

The more significant findings showed that swimming children:

  • In general, achieved developmental (intellectual/physical) milestones earlier
  • Scored significantly better in visual-motor skills (eye-hand coordination)
  • Displayed better oral, reading, and mathematical skills
  • Showed better comprehension/understanding in terms of following directions
  • Excelled regardless of gender or socio-economic background

Based on the above, if you are contemplating on investing in the services of pool builders, such as Jones Pools, and are perhaps wondering about the potential long-term return on that substantial investment/outlay, do not overlook what swimming lessons could do for the development of social and intellectual skills for your children/grandchildren at a very early stage of their lives.

Pool Builders Can Be Hired To Install Swimming Pools For A Variety Of Reasons

As noted previously, pool builders may be hired by homeowners for several reasons, including beautifying and/or enhancing the value of their property, establishing an outdoor entertainment area, and addressing health and physical fitness issues.

To the latter point specifically, installing a swimming pool can serve many purposes with respect to your personal health and well-being. Utilizing a swimming pool for this reason can provide the following types of physical fitness benefits for you and your family:

  • Soothing or working on stiff muscles and/or sore joints
  • Reducing the impact on the skeletal system caused by a hard surface
  • Stretching, strengthening, and toning muscles
  • Providing an aerobic workout to improve circulation and strengthen the heart
  • Burning calories to help maintain weight control
  • Moderate physical activity for those with diabetes (managing weight/blood sugar)

While this list is by no means complete, it does highlight the diversity in the benefits and value that can be realized, albeit indirectly, from utilizing the services of swimming pool contractors. By choosing Jones Pools, you can work together with one of the premier pool builders in Toronto who have been installing inground pools for families since 1996.

Do you have a clear need for the services and expertise of a pool builder in Toronto? Whether your needs and interests tend toward entertainment, investment, health/fitness and/or impacting the childhood development of social and intellectual skills, call Jones Pools today at 905-642-9522 or 905-862-0414 to discuss and assess your specific requirements.

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