Why Jones Pools Should Winterize Your Pool This Fall

Proper Fall Swimming Pool Maintenance Protects Your Asset Over the Winter

Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance equipmentFor swimming pool owners, a dreaded time of year is rapidly approaching; yes, the turn of the seasons from summer to fall signifies that the time has come for the annual ritual known as ‘pool closing’.  In fact, even the term ‘pool closing’ has ominous overtones as it can imply that the pool will be shut down forever, never to be used by anyone again.

While closing a pool can be quite sad from an emotional standpoint, it is also enormously important from the perspective of proper swimming pool maintenance.  A backyard pool represents a significant financial investment on the part of the homeowner, including its installation, ongoing maintenance, and accessories or subsequent upgrades; therefore, it is incumbent upon a pool owner to safeguard their asset and ensure that it is maintained appropriately throughout the year and especially during the off-season or winter months.

As a matter of fact, swimming pool maintenance in the fall might be better described as pool winterizing rather than pool closing.  In addition to lifting any negative connotations of the word ‘closing’, the process of pool winterizing delivers several benefits, including:

  • Protecting the pool and equipment from winter damage
  • Preparing the pool for the return of the swimming season
  • Keeping family members and pets safe from potential injury

To ensure that this pool winterizing/maintenance process is performed in an appropriate fashion, pool owners may wish to capitalize on the expertise of a professional swimming pool service provider like Jones Pools.  The technicians from Jones Pools complete more than 600 pool closings per year, reflecting the trust that pool owners have in their ability to get the job done right, time after time and year after year

Their comprehensive pool winterizing process includes several important steps, such as:

  • Thorough pool cleaning
  • Reducing the water level
  • Balancing water chemistry
  • Draining pump, filter, heater
  • Bleeding/drying/sealing all lines
  • Adding correct winter chemicals
  • Removing and storing all accessories
  • Installing/securing the winter pool cover

Furthermore, an important part of fall swimming pool maintenance is the completion of a detailed inspection of the pool structure, the deck area, and all equipment/accessories to identify any existing or potential leaks/issues that may need immediate attention/repair.  Should any such circumstances be detected, the Jones Pools crews can address them in an appropriate fashion prior to the winter season.

To end the swimming season on a positive note and enjoy a worry-free off-season that their pool is suitably winterized, pool owners can count on the experts from Jones Pools.

Year-Round Swimming Pool Maintenance to Maximize Your Time for Enjoyment

A comprehensive pool winterizing process, combined with a thorough pool inspection and any requisite repair work before the truly cold weather arrives, will safeguard a pool and its equipment against winter damage and facilitate the resumption of use next swimming season.  Ensuring that the pool is shutdown in good order in the fall can help avoid any start-up delays in the spring due to such situations as:

  • Leaks
  • Staining
  • Algae formation
  • Equipment malfunction
  • Out-of-balance water chemistry

In turn, a smooth re-opening in the spring sets the stage for ongoing good maintenance practices throughout the heat of the summer months, thereby permitting owner-families to maximize the time available to use their pool.

For complete peace-of-mind about safeguarding your swimming pool this winter, call the pool maintenance professionals at Jones Pools today at 905-640-2666 to arrange for winterizing your pool and to discuss your year-round maintenance needs.

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