When Should You Close Your Pool?

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As fall rolls around, it is time to start thinking about when you should close your pool. There is no ‘set date’ that you have to close it. But, certain factors play a part in when it is time. And, it is time to start becoming more aware of those factors.

Here are some signs that can tell you it is time to close your pool. 

No Pool Heater Vs Pool Heater

If you have a pool heater, then it can prolong your season simply by keeping your pool warm. You probably don’t want to swim in freezing cold water, especially when the weather is cooling down. You should start considering closing your pool once your pool water is at a low enough temperature where it is no longer swimmable.

Pool Water Temperature 

When the weather gets cooler, at some point, there’s the threat of freezing temperatures. And, you do not want to close your pool if the water has begun to freeze. But, you also shouldn’t close your pool if the water is too warm. If the water is too warm, then you risk the pool chemicals not winterizing properly. Monitor the weather and the temperature of your water. Make sure your pool temperature is cool enough that the chemicals in it will work over the winter, but don’t wait so long that your pool freezes. 

Falling Leaves 

Once the leaves start falling a lot, then it’s really fall. But, falling leaves that end up in your pool means you have more to clean. And, you do not want to have to constantly clean your pool and put more chemicals into it. So, once the leaves start falling significantly, it can be a sign to close your pool. This way, you save yourself from having to clean up leaves and/or debris, and you can prevent any organic matter from staying in your pool over winter. 

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