How to Do Routine Vinyl Pool Maintenance

Do you have a vinyl pool and you're wondering how to conduct routine vinyl vinyl pool maintenance? Read Jones Pools article for 4 steps to care for your pool this summer.

Vinyl pool maintenance might sound like a chore, but it’s really an investment. That investment pays off in how much enjoyment you, your family and guests get from your swimming pool, and how long your vinyl pool liner lasts. 

4 Steps to Regular Vinyl Pool Liner Maintenance

Vinyl liners need regular maintenance to help minimize the need for costly repairs and service. Here are the basic steps of maintaining and keeping your in-ground pool clean whenever you’re ready for a dip.

  1. Balance the Chemical Levels – The chemicals that keep your pool safe for swimming are powerful. The wrong water balance, too much free chlorine and the wrong pH levels can damage the liner – not to mention the potential harm to swimmers. 

    To keep the water chemistry properly balanced, check the pool water twice a day with a water testing kit. Proper pH levels are between 7.2 and 7.6. Make sure your free chlorine levels are between 1.5 and 2.5 ppm. If levels are too low, add chemicals as needed. If they are too high, you may need to avoid swimming and regularly test the water until the levels fall into the correct range. 
  2. Regularly Clean Your Pool – Proper pool care and swimming pool maintenance starts with regular cleaning, including vacuuming the pool. But how often you need to clean your pool depends on different factors. If the pool is located near trees, shrubs and grass, you may have to clean out organic debris more often. Covering your pool can reduce the frequency of cleaning and the liner damage that too much sun exposure can cause.  
  3. Do Not Drain Your Pool – Especially if the pool liner is stained, it’s tempting to drain the pool to get to the stain. But the water in your pool balances the pressure of the earth that surrounds the liner. Draining even what seems like a small amount of water can cause the earth around the pool to push in against the liner. And solving that problem is definitely not as easy as just topping up the pool. 
  4. Clean the Liner with a Soft-Bristled Brush – To get rid of dirt and grime stains on the liner, try brushing them first. For more stubborn stains, try pool liner stain remover or a stain eraser tool.

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