Tips to Keep Your Pool Open in the Fall

4 Tips for an open pool during the fall

Even though it’s gone, the summer of 2017 in Southern Ontario continues to surprise us. So far in September and October, we’ve enjoyed warmer, drier weather than we did throughout most of the summer months, especially on the weekends.

The summer was so lacking in great swimming weather, you might be tempted o keep the pool open a little longer this year to get in a few dips before the real cold sets in.

Here are a few tips to follow if you want t extend your pool season this fall.

1. Keep it Covered

Solar blankets are a great way to keep your pool water warm. In the fall, you need to keep the blanket on whenever the pool isn’t in use to keep the heat in and the cool evening temperatures out.

2. Clean it More Often

From more falling leaves to critters scrambling around getting ready for winter, there’s more debris and traffic around your pool now than at the height of summer. Keep a daily eye on the pool and remove debris quickly so that it doesn’t get into your system.

3. Test Often

If you let them, algae and bacteria will grow in your pool all year round. Extra leaves can introduce more organic matter into the water that can make the problem worse. Test your water often, even when you haven’t been swimming, and make chemical adjustments as needed.

4. Keep Your Eye on Temperatures

First, unless you take certain precautions not covered here, we don’t recommend keeping your pool open if temperatures get close to freezing. But this is Southern Ontario and we could have swimming weather one day and freezing temperatures the following night. If you suspect that temperatures might get close to freezing, keep your water pump running to help keep the water from turning to ice.

Here’s no reason you can’t enjoy your pool for as log as you like every year. Talk to the specialists and Jones Pool for more tips to do so without damaging your pool.

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