Swimming Pool Safety & Maintenance Over the Winter

pool safety & maintenance over winter

If you’re locked up in the house and looking for things to do, you’re in luck – at least if you’re an inground swimming pool owner! While the swimming season is a long way off, the more swimming pool maintenance and proper pool care you do in the winter, the more time you’ll be able to enjoy your pool when swimming weather finally arrives. 

And if you are going to occupy your time with keeping your pool in tip-top shape, it’s always best to use the right safety practices and measures.   

3 Tips for Winter Swimming Pool Safety & Maintenance

Use the following tips as your guidelines for your winter pool maintenance and safety.

  1. Closing the Pool – Even if you’ve already closed your pool, we just want to quickly double-check. It’s not too late if you missed something. 
    1. Clean the Pool – Brush the sides and use your pool vacuum to clean the pool as best you can. 
    2. Maintain the Correct Water Level – First, do not drain your pool. Depending on your type of pool, there is a set winter water level for it. Contact your swimming pool maintenance company if you’re not sure what that level is.  
    3. Winterizing Pool Chemical Treatments – To maintain clean water, chlorine levels and prevent algae growth, you should have balanced the water chemistry, added a shock treatment, chlorinated your pool and made sure the ph levels are correct. 
    4. Drain Pool Lines & Equipment – You can follow manufacturer recommendations or your pool company’s directions for this. 
    5. Use a  Quality Pool Cover – This is perhaps your most important winter pool safety tip. If possible, install a winter pool safety cover. If not, be sure to avoid walking over the pool in winter and keep an eye out for critters that do. 
  2. Regularly Check Water levels – Leaks can happen any time. If one develops in the winter, it’s best to know about it as soon as possible. You don’t want your water level to drop below the recommended height. 
  3. Keep the Cover Clean – Whether or not you have a safety cover, but especially if you don’t, be sure to keep the cover free of water, snow and ice. A pool cover water pump may be required if there’s a lot of water buildup. 

For more swimming pool maintenance tips, check out our article “How to Do Routine Vinyl Pool Maintenance”.

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