Swimming Pool Maintenance Is An Ongoing Process During The Year

Why Swimming Pool Maintenance Is Required All Year Long

For pool owners and their families, there is almost certainly a high degree of anticipation as the spring and summer seasons approach. After many months of looking out the windows at a pool covered with snow and ice, it will soon be time to once again partake in the pleasures of swimming and relaxing in and around their pool.

With such anticipation comes a parallel amount of planning and preparation, needed to actually get the swimming pool and its related equipment (heater, pump, etc.) ready for use. This is the so-called other side of ownership – if someone truly wants to enjoy the use of their pool, they must be diligent in terms of its maintenance.

Swimming pool maintenance is an ongoing process that is divided into three distinct times and/or functions:

  • Opening the pool in the spring
  • Regular or weekly maintenance
  • Closing the pool in the fall

Each seasonal segment of swimming pool maintenance includes specific steps/actions to ensure that the pool and the equipment are functioning at safe and efficient levels. Based on the type of swimming pool, these steps/actions would likely include:

Opening the swimming pool

  • Restoring the amount of water to the appropriate level
  • Testing the water heater ignition and ventilation
  • Assessing all other equipment (pump, vacuum, hoses, filter, skimmer)
  • Checking all vents to ensure that they are not blocked
  • Examining any/all water features
  • Inspecting the liner for leaks or sagging
  • Inspecting concrete pool walls for pitting/resurfacing needs
  • Checking any/all electrical connections
  • Skim/scoop/remove all winter debris
  • Establishing whether any stored chemicals remain at optimal potency
  • Adding appropriate concentrations of chemicals, algaecides
  • Surveying the pool deck or patio for cracks, other damage

Regular or weekly swimming pool maintenance

  • Skim/scoop/remove all seasonal debris
  • Maintaining proper chemical balance/water chemistry
  • Checking pressure levels in valves, heater, chlorinator
  • Cleaning the heater/heat exchanger as required
  • Monitoring for overt or underground leaks or damage
  • Ensuring that vents, filters, equipment, etc. are in good working order

Swimming pool closing

  • Adjusting the amount of water to an appropriate level (below skimmer)
  • Proper cleaning, draining, and shutdown of the water heater
  • Storing all other equipment safely and securely
  • Appropriate storage of any leftover chemicals
  • Brushing and/or washing the sides and bottom of swimming pool
  • Thoroughly draining and drying all equipment (pump, filter, chlorinator)
  • Balancing water chemistry – adding a chlorine “shock” and winter algaecide
  • Installing a properly fitting pool cover

All of these steps, although vital components to proper swimming pool maintenance, can also infringe on the time available to truly enjoy the pool or other leisure activities. They may result in frustration and/or aggravation for the pool owner, particularly if such efforts as maintaining adequate water chemistry or water heater functionality just do not achieve their desired outcomes.

As a result, swimming pool owners may wish to use the services of a professional pool company, such as Jones Pools, to ensure that the opening, closing, and regular/weekly maintenance of their pool and related equipment are handled/completed as efficiently and quickly as possible.

A Professional Service Can Save Time And Effort In Swimming Pool Maintenance

Personal enjoyment, relaxation, and entertainment are usually the principal reasons for installing a swimming pool. Maintenance costs and purchasing additional equipment are simply a non-negotiable part of the overall swimming pool ownership experience.

One way to maximize the anticipated pleasures associated with a swimming pool, while fulfilling the mandatory maintenance requirements, would be to contract the services of a professional pool company such as Jones Pools. The maintenance experts at Jones Pools can help you save time and money on the upkeep of your pool in several ways:

  • Completing any stage of the maintenance process when you are not at home
  • Having the pool clean and ready for use on essentially an on-demand basis
  • Keeping the swimming pool functioning at optimal levels while you are away
  • Identifying and addressing minor pool or equipment repairs/issues as required
  • Identifying and preventing potential major repair issues before they actually occur
  • Having trained technicians available and on-call for more specialized swimming pool repairs
  • Recommending equipment upgrades/replacements to improve energy efficiency

For all your swimming pool maintenance needs, you can count on the professional service team from Jones Pools. Call today at 905-642-9522 or 905-862-0414 to discuss the swimming pool maintenance package that suits your needs and budget and will keep your pool clean and clear all season long.

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