Swimming Pool Maintenance Should Be Adjusted During Late Fall Pool Usage

Useful Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips During The Fall

It is no secret that the installation of a swimming pool represents a major commitment by the homeowner. There is the significant outlay of funds when the swimming pool is first installed, followed by an ongoing investment of both time and money in relation to its general maintenance and the purchase of all necessary swimming pool supplies.

It is also not a secret that the duration of the swimming season in Toronto is relatively short in comparison to far more southern climes. When these two facts are considered in unison, it is little wonder that local homeowners want to use their pool for as long as possible before they simply must perform season-ending maintenance and shut it down for the winter.

For those wanting to extend the season well into the fall, it will be important to bear in mind that swimming pool maintenance during this period will differ from more customary or standard practices employed during the heat or peak of the summer. These adjustments will primarily be due to the following factors:

  • Reduced amount of sunshine per day
  • Less daily and overall use of the pool
  • Less evaporation of the water volume
  • Increased potential for debris (leaves)

As a result, pool owners should amend their pool maintenance practices in these ways:

  • Reducing the amount of pool chemicals/supplies used
  • Checking pool chemistry only once per week
  • Skimming more frequently (leaves can stain pool bottom)
  • Shorten running times for the pump and filter (4-6 hours/day)

By committing to these relatively simple changes to their maintenance schedules and to the quantities of chemicals/supplies used, pool owners might be able to extend their swimming seasons by several weeks into the fall.

Book Fall Swimming Pool Maintenance And Winterization Before It Is Too Late

Unfortunately, even with this revised approach to swimming pool maintenance during the fall months, homeowners in Toronto and the surrounding area will ultimately need to close their pool for the winter. Therefore, while enjoying their final few opportunities to swim this year, their thoughts should simultaneously be focused on preparing to close and winterize the pool before the harsh weather arrives.

To ensure that their swimming pool is properly closed and winterized, homeowners might consider the services of a professional swimming pool company like Jones Pools. Our team closes over 600 pools per year, thereby providing the experience necessary to fully prepare your pool for the winter and a smooth reopening in the spring.

The extensive experience and professionalism of the Jones Pools crew will be reflected in their approach to delivering the following pool closing services:

  • Performing a complete inspection for possible repair needs
  • Proper regulation of water chemistry, algaecide levels, etc.
  • Appropriately adjusting the water volume for the type of pool
  • Flushing or bleeding all lines, filters, pump, heater
  • Careful removal of all accessories (ladders, diving boards, slides)
  • Appropriate storage of all swimming pool supplies/chemicals
  • Correct and secure installation of the pool cover

If you have been extending the swimming season throughout the fall months, remember to schedule your pool closing and winter maintenance before the winter weather arrives. Call Jones Pools today at either 905-642-9522 or 905-862-0414 and book your closing date now.

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