Swimming Pool Landscaping Involves Considerable Thought And Planning

Why Swimming Pool Landscaping Requires Careful Planning

The decision to install a backyard swimming pool is not to be taken lightly, nor are the costs of its initial construction and ongoing maintenance. While a pool can be a source of relaxation, enjoyment/entertainment, and homeowner pride for many, many years, its ambiance and appeal can be suppressed if it is merely left to stand on its own merit, i.e.: if it is not accompanied by landscaping that is complimentary to its primary function.

Of course, the pool is and should be the focal point or centrepiece of the property, but it is often the effect of the surrounding landscape which provides the finishing touches and perhaps even an overall uniqueness to its elemental design. Therefore, swimming pool installation and adjoining landscaping might be considered as a single investment in the property rather than separate or independent home improvement projects, even if it takes some time – a few weeks or months or a year – between the time that the pool is installed and the landscape design is implemented and completed.

When homeowners are envisioning the scope of their backyard in terms of the pool and its neighbouring landscape design, they may wish to weigh these initial considerations:

  • What is the pool’s primary function – entertainment, privacy, family fun?
  • What possibilities are offered by the natural contour of the property?
  • Will any existing trees and shrubs be retained, removed, or replaced?
  • Will the shape of the property affect the landscape design/options?
  • How does/will the position of the sun affect the pool and its surroundings?
  • What permits/special approvals might be required?

While there may likely be further considerations and/or questions specific to homeowner needs and preferences, the above should provide a basis from which to begin developing the landscape design. This can be accomplished in essentially one of two ways:

  • Ideas researched/developed by the homeowner through such efforts as:
  • Online searches
  • Visits to garden centres
  • Home and garden magazines
  • Onsite inspection of similar work in their area
  • Ideas developed/offered by a professional contractor, after examining:
  • Their level of emphasis on swimming pool landscaping
  • Their process for pool and landscape design (in-house? sub-contract?)
  • References and/or any ongoing or completed work within the local area
  • A pricing structure and projected timeline to start and complete the job

Once the scope of the pool landscaping has been clearly defined and the design has been finalized and approved, another critical facet for the pool owner will be their choices of trees and shrubs in tandem with the preparation of the soil. To the latter point, it would basically be a waste of money to invest in new plants and shrubbery, etc. without providing the best opportunity for them to grow and flourish.

As such, any landscaping initiative should include soil testing to assess its current state and determine which types of nutrients or additives might be needed to provide the best growth medium for any and all new plant material.

On the subject of new plant material, factors that should be considered as a compliment to the primary function of the swimming pool might include:

  • Desired amount of sun versus shade
  • The overall level of formality preferred
  • Canadiana versus ornamental aspects?
  • Maintenance needs (how much? by whom?)
  • Colour alignment (with the home, the pool liner)
  • Aesthetics or so-called curb appeal (resale value)

Despite the apparent extensiveness of the above considerations/recommendations, it is important to keep in mind that construction of a swimming pool and its surrounding landscaping represents a significant investment in the value of the property. For this sole reason, such an initiative may best be implemented under the guidance and skills of professional contractors, like our team from Jones Pools.

A Wide Variety Of Services To Augment Your Current Pool And Landscape Design

As mentioned previously, the swimming pool should be the focal point of the backyard, not to be overshadowed or overwhelmed by the landscaping and any other features or amenities. With this in mind, it will be important to not only choose the right features to compliment the pool, but to also ensure that these features are proportional to the pool and to each other within the overall landscape design.

Our construction department of Jones Pools provides the expertise and experience you need to convert your backyard dreams into reality. In addition to the installation of your swimming pool, our team can deliver a wide range of services to augment or improve the landscaping around your pool. These construction services consist of:

  • Pool decking – interlocking, natural stone, flagstone
  • Spas and hot tubs
  • Lighting – pool and garden
  • Barbecues pits and fireplaces
  • Wood structures – gazebos, cabanas, pergolas
  • Fencing – wood, chain link, wrought iron
  • Water features – fountains, waterfalls, deck jets

Do you have swimming pool landscaping ideas for your property? Are you looking for pool and landscape design specialists to help with your backyard landscaping? Call Jones Pools today at 905-642-9522 or 905-862-0414 for your free consultation and get the planning process underway as soon as possible.

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