Swimming Pool Installation – Factors That Can Affect the Colour of the Water

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Decisions Made Prior to Swimming Pool Installation Will Affect Water Colour

Outdoor flush edge swimming pool with blue sky on the backgroundMany people who are familiar with a particular body of water will attest to the fact that the colour of that water may be different virtually every time they happen to drive by; it could be deep blue one day, murky brown another time, and dull gray/almost colourless on other occasions.

In the simplest of terms, this phenomenon can be explained in this way – while water in its purest state is essentially colourless, there are various environmental factors such as the following that can influence its appearance, or its colour, to the naked eye:

  • Colour of the sky
  • Depth of the water
  • Type and proximity of nearby vegetation
  • The natural capacity of water to reflect light
  • Water movement (due to weather conditions)
  • Presence of dissolved or suspended impurities

In much the same way, there are factors that will contribute to variations in the colour of swimming pool water on a daily basis, if not even more frequently.  While some of these factors are non-controllable, like the colour of the sky and weather patterns, future pool owners can impact, directly or indirectly, the general colour of their pool’s water through some of their decisions in the design phase i.e. before its installation has even begun.

Some of the colour-influencing considerations that homeowners might want to keep in mind when planning for the installation of their new swimming pool include:

  • Construction aspects:
    • Overall pool depth – uniform, or shallow and deep ends
    • Colour/type of pool walls e.g.: vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete
    • Accents – tiles (ceramic, glass, stone), stairs, tanning ledges
    • Pool chemistry – fresh water, salt water, chemical treatments
    • Moving water – fountains, waterfalls (affects reflection of light)
    • Start-up technique – aggressiveness of the pool’s initial acid wash
  • Environmental aspects
    • Amount of natural light per day entering the pool area
    • Amount of direct sunlight/shade per day in the pool area
    • Colours in the environment/landscaping surrounding the pool
    • Orientation of the property with respect to the path of the sun
    • Orientation of the property with respect to prevailing wind direction

An interesting side note to the above relates to the concurrent installation of a spa or hot tub along with the pool; even if the interior finish is exactly the same for each structure, it is likely that the water colour will be somewhat different from one to the other.  This is primarily due to the fact that pools are commonly deeper than spas and hot tubs and, as noted above, depth of the water is one of the factors that contribute to water colour.

Professional Swimming Pool Design, Installation, and Maintenance Services

Collaborating with a professional swimming pool design team such as Jones Pools can be most beneficial to future pool owners from a number of aspects, including the eventual colour of the pool water.  Whether these homeowners have a preconceived idea about a preferred colour or remain open to suggestion, Jones Pools can make recommendations within the design process that will ultimately impact the final product, so to speak, or the general appearance of the pool water once the installation is complete.

The suggestions would be based on a physical assessment of the property and will take into consideration such factors as:

  • Depth and shape
  • Interior wall finish
  • Decking and coping
  • Orientation to the sun
  • Accents/water features
  • Landscaping (existing/new)

Furthermore, after the initial installation of the swimming pool, homeowners will want to make sure that the desired/achieved water colour remains vibrant and appealing.  This can be attained through the expert pool maintenance services provided by Jones Pools. Such services consist of:

  • Pool opening and closing
  • Weekly pool maintenance
  • Balancing water chemistry
  • Leak detection and repairs
  • Pool and equipment repairs
  • Pool winterizing and covering

For all your swimming pool installation and maintenance needs, including design services to influence the ultimate colour of your pool water, call the specialists from Jones Pools today at 905-642-9522 or 905-862-0414 to discuss your specific requirements and related services.

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