Swimming Pool Construction Costs Extend Beyond The Swimming Pool Itself

Pool Construction Costs More Than Just The Pool Itself

If you have decided to install an inground swimming pool, for your personal enjoyment and/or as an investment aimed at increasing the value of your property, your thoughts have undoubtedly turned to the cost of pool construction. You may have also begun the process of investigating various custom pool builders in your area. As you start to obtain quotes from these contractors you will quickly learn that the final cost of the pool itself is only a part of the overall cost of construction and installation.

In terms of the actual pool, there are several factors or options that need to be taken into consideration before a quote can be finalized:

  • Material – Cost depends on the type of pool (vinyl-lined, fiberglass, concrete)
  • Pool Size – Will determine the amount of excavation required
  • Pool Shape – The level of complexity affects installation time and labour
  • Depth – Will impact excavation time and the amount of materials needed
  • Access – May necessitate removing (and replacing) fencing, landscaping, etc.
  • Soil Conditions – May influence excavation time

Once you decide on the type, size, shape, and depth of the pool, you must then consider the costs associated with its safe and proper use, along with its care and maintenance. These particular aspects may often be overlooked in the initial budgeting process but they should also be considered and included in your pool construction costs:

  • Heating systems
  • Pumps and filtration systems
  • Pool chemicals and supplies
  • Slides, ladders, and diving boards
  • Pool covers

You may also be inclined to incorporate any number of swimming pool water features in order to add visual appeal and/or a degree of uniqueness to your pool. Constructed within or adjacent to the pool, some of the more common/popular swimming pool water features include:

  • Waterfalls
  • Sheer Water Walls
  • Fountains
  • Jacuzzis
  • Hot Tubs
  • Deck Jets and Bubblers
  • Misters (or Misting Stations)

The cost to build and/or install any such features will of course be dependent on materials and time/labour. The elaborateness of the feature could add as much as the cost of the pool itself (or more) to your overall pool construction costs.

Other Factors To Consider In Relation To The Cost Of Pool Construction

It should be readily apparent that the overall cost of pool construction is dependent on several factors: labour, materials, extra/added features, maintenance, and personal preferences.

There are also costs associated with pool construction that extend beyond the physical structure of the swimming pool that will be incurred either before or after the actual installation stage. Although you may wish to address some (or all) of the following to help reduce your overall costs, the scope and importance of each aspects would warrant/dictate that a professional contractor be considered and hired:

  • Gradient – For the appropriate channelling and drainage of surface run-off
  • Landscaping – To beautify the pool area or replace any displaced shrubs, sod, etc.
  • Patio/Decking – In terms of structural safety and/or visual appeal
  • Fencing – For replacement purposes or to meet municipal standards for pools
  • Lighting/Hydro – Appropriately installed in accordance with codes
  • Security – For protection against unauthorized usage and vandalism

While the tendency exists to do-it-yourself and save/reduce some immediate costs in terms of your overall expenditures, the investment in a professional contractor will save time and aggravation/frustration – and avoid the potential of having to re-address any of the above in the future. This will allow you and your family to begin enjoying your pool sooner, and with the comfort that all facets of its construction and installation have been completed to acceptable standards.

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