Selecting the Right Contractor to Build Your Backyard Swimming Pool

Make an Informed Choice When Deciding Among Swimming Pool Contractors

As the heat and humidity of the summer give way to the cooler weather/temperatures of the fall, homeowners might begin to ‘take stock’ of their properties, assessing what they may need or want to do next year from the standpoint of landscaping and/or upgrades.  For some, such plans may include taking the plunge (pun intended) to install a backyard swimming pool, to give their families an outlet for escaping that heat and humidity when it inevitably returns next summer.

Although the current swimming season is drawing to a close, the fall is in reality the best time of the year to get the pool planning process underway, and perhaps even have the construction completed as well.  While the installation of the pool may be dependent on the availability of swimming pool contractors, taking matters as far as possible this year will afford the family maximum time to enjoy the pool next year.

Once the commitment is made to install a swimming pool, the next important decision in the overall process could in fact be the selection of the right swimming pool contractor to actually construct the pool.  After all, a backyard pool is a rather significant investment, so the choice of who will get the contract should warrant a significant investment of time and attention on the part of the future pool owner.

The importance of researching a number of swimming pool contractors before making a final decision cannot be underestimated.  It has been said that the success of any project is directly proportional to the amount of preparation that precedes the actual work and a pool construction initiative is no exception.  Dedicating some time at the outset to assess possible candidates will help homeowners make informed and confident decisions on who gets the job (and their money) based on a number of essential considerations:

  • Reputation
  • Workmanship
  • Project timing
  • Overall budget
  • Payment options
  • Guarantees/warranties
  • General level of comfort

Since the installation of a backyard pool is likely a first-and-only-type event for the vast majority of homeowners, it will therefore be absolutely vital to hire an experienced and trustworthy swimming pool contractor to ensure 100% homeowner satisfaction with the installation and the maximum return possible on their substantial financial investment.  One such contractor is Jones Pools, a leading pool builder in Toronto and the surrounding area for the past two decades.

Pertinent Information and Red Flags When Assessing Pool Construction Firms

So how does one go about determining the best pool construction company for the job?

The answer: by researching and/or obtaining specific details, either directly or indirectly, from a short-list of possible candidates, which in turn can be created by:

  • Online searches/reviews
  • Asking other pool owners
  • Visiting offices/showrooms

Although likely incomplete, the following list of questions summarizes some of the more pertinent data that future pool owners should collect and assess in determining the right contractor to install their new swimming pool:

  • How long has the company been in the pool construction business?
  • Do they provide estimates in writing with an itemized breakdown of pricing?
  • Will they provide independent references or the names of previous customers?
  • Do they have current/valid general liability insurance and workplace insurance?
  • Will the installation be done by an in-house crew or farmed out to sub-contractors?
  • What are the warranties or guarantees relative to both materials and workmanship?
  • What are the processes for addressing and making decisions on unanticipated issues?
  • How soon can the pool construction begin and how long (roughly) will it to complete?
  • What are the payment terms? What amount/percent is required as a down payment?

Additionally, some of the immediate ‘red flags’ that should make homeowners leery of a certain swimming pool contractor or contractors relate to those who:

  • Demand exorbitant up-front payments
  • Request a cash payment before starting the work
  • Hesitate from answering any/all of the above questions
  • Do not have verifiable contact information (phone, e-mail, physical location)

Jones Pools has been providing dependable pool construction services for homeowners in Toronto and the GTA for the last 20 years, and as a result, welcomes the opportunity to provide answers and insight to the above-noted questions and more.

Looking for a reliable and experienced swimming pool contractor within Toronto and the GTA?  Call the professionals at Jones Pools, one of the area’s leading pool construction companies, at 905-642-9522 or 905-862-0414 to book a no-obligation consultation today!

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