Pool Landscaping – A Viable Alternative to Grass

Pool Landscaping Can Enhance the Aura and the Functionality of Your Backyard

A Beautiful Swimming Pool and Landscaping in BackyardIt is a well-accepted fact that a backyard swimming pool adds new dimensions to both property and lifestyle.  There is a certain aura to owning a pool, providing an element of investment value while also offering a retreat, perhaps even a departure, from the daily hustle and bustle of work and family life.  Many a pool owner has expressed their desire to merely spend time by and/or in the pool as the outside world carries on around them.

In many instances, the pool is the focal point of the backyard, and rightly so, as it often occupies the largest portion of available space.  But what about the poolscaping or the landscaping around the pool or along the property borders – can it not lend itself to the ambience of the backyard sanctuary as well?

Indeed it can.  Pool landscaping, customized to the size and shape of the swimming pool and the property, can add a degree of elegance to the overall backyard experience while not detracting attention from the pool; well-designed and constructed landscaping plans can add aesthetic enhancements and greater functionality/living space as complements to the primary purpose/use of the pool.

There are several options that pool owners might consider relative to upgrading and/or remodelling their backyard landscaping – the individual merit and subsequent benefits of these options will be dependent on such factors as:

  • Pool shape/dimensions
  • Property shape/dimensions
  • Privacy versus entertainment
  • Proportions of shade and sunlight
  • Penchant for gardening/landscaping
  • Personal lifestyle needs and preferences

Some of the potential pool landscaping ideas and reasons for pursuing such alternatives would consist of the following:

  • Interlocking brick pool deck – colour and pattern customization
  • Natural stone – paths/walkways; retaining walls for a tiered look
  • Outdoor dining area – for entertainment and/or added living space
  • Flagstone/concrete pavers – replace thin grass in high-shade areas
  • Flower and plant beds – add colour, curves, and lines; attract wildlife
  • Water features – the soothing effects/sounds of moving/trickling water
  • Mulch, pebbles, stones – add colour; ground cover in bare/shaded spots
  • Conversion of all grass areas – less time/money invested in maintenance

While certainly not a complete list, the above will hopefully generate additional ideas on the part of pool owners.  With their ideas in mind/on paper, the next step for these pool owners would be to determine what will actually be feasible within the confines/contours of their property.  It might therefore be prudent to capitalize on the pool and backyard landscaping experience of the professionals from Jones Pools.

Custom Pool and Backyard Landscaping to Redefine Your Pool and Property

The team from Jones Pools can indeed prove to be a valuable resource and partner in upgrading or remodelling a backyard sanctuary.  And what better time than now to start the design and planning processes?

With cold and harsh weather conditions on the horizon, turning one’s attention to what their pool and backyard landscaping might look like next year would be an excellent way to take the chill out of the winter air.  Consulting with the professionals from Jones Pools provides not only the opportunity to be creative with design ideas but also sufficient time to prepare for any/all landscaping construction in terms of timing, materials, and budget.

Some of the specific makeover features that Jones Pools can construct/install include:

  • Hot tubs and spas
  • Fountains, waterfalls
  • Cabanas and gazebos
  • Natural stone paths, walls
  • Brick barbecues or fire pits
  • Outdoor dining and/or seating areas
  • Interlocking or stone pool decks/patios
  • Outdoor lighting for the pool or gardens
  • Pool conversions to vanishing edge designs
  • Pool remodelling – shape, depth, coping, tiles

Looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal and the ambience of your backyard landscaping next summer?  Call Jones Pools today at 905-642-9522 or 905-862-0414 to discuss and share creative ideas for redefining your pool and your property.

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