Pool Construction Or Environmental Factors May Influence Water Colour

Pool Construction And Other Factors Can Affect Water Colour

Despite the well-used references to ‘the deep blue sea’ and ‘the beautiful blue ocean’, water is not necessarily blue. Although water does have a faint blue tinge (more visible when observed in deeper or larger volumes) it can actually appear in various shades or hues of blue and green.

Without examining the science or the chemistry of water too deeply, its colour spectrum is influenced by factors such as:

  • Reflecting the colour of the sky
  • Artificial chemicals
  • Mineral particles
  • Suspended organic/living matter
  • Other dissolved/suspended impurities

In a parallel fashion, these same principles apply to the varying colours of swimming pool water. Depending on a number of pool construction and environmental-related factors, the colour of swimming pool water can and will vary from pool to pool within the same neighbourhood – in fact, the same water in the same pool can take on different colour shades or tones at different times of the same day.

Some of the primary factors that influence the colour of swimming pool water include:

Construction Services And Supplies

  • Pool depth
  • Pool shape
  • Pool walls – type (liner, plaster) and colour
  • Pool chemistry (fresh water, salt water, chemical additives)
  • Artificial lighting
  • Artificial water movement (water fountains, jets, waterfalls)

Environmental Dynamics

  • Amount of natural light/direct sunlight
  • Colours in the surrounding environment (home, landscaping)
  • Time of day (shifting angles of the sun)
  • Natural water movement (wind)

Swimming pool owners should be aware that the colour of their pool water will seem to have a different hue and/or change from time to time – while it is important to keep in mind that natural sunlight supplies pool water with much of its colour, the owner’s decisions on pool construction services (depth, shape, liner, water features) will also play an influential role.

Use The Services Of Swimming Pool Contractors To Influence Colour Of Pool Water

Swimming pool contractors, such as Jones Pools, can provide several services to their clients before, during, and after the construction of their pool. Such services consist of:

  • Pool designs
  • Swimming pool installation
  • Opening and closing the pool (spring and fall respectively)
  • Regular swimming pool maintenance
  • Swimming pool supplies and accessories
  • Decking
  • Construction of various swimming pool water features
  • And more

Another facet to using swimming pool contractors would be to take advantage of their expertise and insight with respect to the ultimate or predominant colour of your pool water. An experienced builder like Jones Pools will be able to provide suggestions on the following elements that will in turn influence your pool’s water colour:

  • Pool depth and shape relative to sun angles and available space
  • Deck/fence colours that align with your environment (home, yard)
  • The hue of the swimming pool liner, such as:
  • White, blue, black, or gray for predominantly blue water
  • Green, brown, or tan for predominantly green water

To obtain the most sparkling and welcoming water for your pool, call upon the services of Jones Pools today at 905-642-9522 or 905-862-0414 to discuss the proper care and maintenance for your pool.

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