Now’s the Time to Start the Garden

Starting a garden

Whether or not you have a green thumb, March usually brings thoughts of being outside by the pool, enjoying your garden. The problem is, while the thoughts start, it’s still too cold outside to spend any time there or plant a garden. The sprouting tulips are nice, but they’re just not enough. That unfulfilled need to do some gardening, can give you a bit of an early spring cabin fever.

Start Your Seeds

If you haven’t done so already, you should start your flower and vegetable seeds inside so they can be growing healthily by the time you transplant them outside. One of the great things about planting your own sends is that they are not costly, which makes it easier to try something new each year.

Sow seeds in a tray or small pot on a sunny windowsill. Cover the container with a bit of plastic wrap to create a mini greenhouse. They can be transplanted outside once they are large enough to handle and there is no longer a risk of frost.

Help Your Houseplants Grow

If you’re chomping at the bit and planting seedlings doesn’t solve the problem, spring is a growing time for your houseplants too. The longer days bring on a spurt of growth. You should check if each plant becomes ‘potbound’ by lifting it from its container and checking to see I the roots are tightly wound around the soil bulb. If so, they should be transplanted to a larger pot.

Have Some Windowsill Fun

You can quickly and easily grow plants from some of the stuff you’d normally put in your compost. Veggie tops, pips, seeds, garlic cloves, onions; all will start to grow if you put them in water. The onion greens that sprout can be added to salads and stir fries.

We know you’re antsy to get outside and into the pol. But growing some beautiful flowers that you can plant next to the pool is a great diversion until you get there.

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