How a New Liner Can Make Your Pool Better than Ever

Benefits of a new liner pool

It’s hard to believe that, in our last post just a few weeks ago, we were singing the praises of the warm weather and how you could keep your pool open to enjoy it even more.

If your pool is still open now, good on you! Keep swimming! But you’re made of hardier stuff than most of us, who are now just dreaming of next spring and opening the pool again.

But, while the off-season means no swimming, it is a great time to think about maintenance or improvements to the pool. And we would like to suggest one thing for you to think about that accomplishes both.

A New Pool Liner

There are two times that most inground or above ground pool owners replace their pool liners.

1. After Something Happens to the Liner

Some of us wait until there is a tear or puncture in the liner before we think about replacing it.

2. Before Something Happens to the Liner

While your liner may have come with a warranty of 20 or 30 years, the real lifespan of your liner can depend of lots of factors, including the amount of pool use, sun exposure and how many chemicals you use. Regardless of the warranty, you should pay close attention to your liner after about six or seven years and not wait for something to happen before replacing it if there are any signs or wear.

Replacing Your Pool Liner Can Make Your Pool Better than Ever

Aside from an actual problem with the liner, a new pool liner can actually improve your pool and help you enjoy it even more. Here’s how:

1. Newer Vinyl Compounds

The latest pool liner vinyl compounds are specially formulated to resist tears and punctures, cold-weather cracking, UV sunlight, fungus and algae growth and chemical degradation.

2. Designed Specifically for Your Pool

Computer-aided design (CAD) technology helps your pool company design a liner to the precise specifications of your pool.

3. Welded for a Better Fit

In addition to being designed for your pool, a new liner will be constructed using high-frequency molecular welding machines that bond the liner to the exact dimensions of your pool.

One More.

So not only will your pool liner be of better quality, better design and better construction than your old liner, it’ll look a lot better too because there are always new and more interesting designs available. Call us here at Jones Pools this off-season to learn more.

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