How to Make Pool Maintenance Almost as Much Fun as Taking a Dip

Cleaning robot for pool maintenance

Whether you installed it so your kids can learn to swim at home, or to make your yard a better place to entertain family and friends, the bottom-line reason for having a pool is to have more fun. And, from adding a water fall, cabana or hot tub, it seems like there’s no end to the number of ways you can make your pool and yard even more fun.

But, as the CMO (Chief Maintenance Officer) of your pool, you know that it’s not all fun and games. The crystal clear water, kept at the perfect temperature, only happens with a certain amount of diligent work on your part.

So why should you always work so hard?

Fortunately, there are a number of pool equipment options that can help reduce how much work you do to maintain the pool. And if that’s not quite as much fun as jumping in, they’ll help you save money too.

1. Salt Chlorinator

Imagine not having to constantly check levels of chlorine, or measure and mix it, or having to ‘shock’ the pool. Not only does a salt chlorinator help eliminate all those chores by making your pool always clear and ready for swimming, but it also makes for a healthier swim with less skin and eye irritation.

2. Wireless Remote Control of Everything in and Around Your Pool

So let’s say you finally decide to give yourself a break and go for a float in the pool. Then the kids jump in and ‘the water’s too cold!’ Guess who has to get out of the pool and turn on the heater? Unless of course you have a programmable, waterproof, wireless remote in your hands that not only lets you control the water temperature, but the chlorinator, lights, water features or any pool and spa function. And it floats too.

3. A Robot to Clean the Pool

Not only does a robotic cleaner use intelligent microprocessor technology to clean your pool, including scrubbing the tiles and cleaning the steps, but it does so using 94% less energy than a pressure cleaner.

So now it’s your turn to enjoy more of the perks of that come with being the CMO!

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