Importance Of Hiring A Swimming Pool Service For Your Winterization Needs

Benefits Of Hiring A Swimming Pool Service For Closures

Unfortunately for swimming pool owners and their families and friends, another season of backyard fun and entertainment is rapidly drawing to a close. As temperatures begin to fall and the amount of daylight diminishes on a weekly basis, there is an air of finality to the summer as thoughts turn to pool closings and winterization activities.

Throughout Toronto and the surrounding area, Labour Day Weekend and the traditional return to school date are generally considered to be the end of the summer and hence the end of outdoor swimming. Although the weather in the month of September might sometimes include unseasonably warm temperatures, pool owners need to contrast the actual amount of time that the pool will be used during that month against the cost and the maintenance time required to keep it clean and in service.

So, with the turn of a calendar page, homeowner attention gets redirected to either self-closing the pool or hiring a professional swimming pool service to look after all pool closure and winterization needs.

The importance of proper swimming pool winterization cannot be underestimated. Failure to perform the critical steps to close a pool in the fall may lead to significant issues when trying to reopen the pool the following spring. As warm and inviting as the water looks throughout the summer, it can cause major damage to the pool as it turns to ice during the winter, such as:

  • Torn or collapsed vinyl liner
  • Ruptured pump and pipes/lines
  • Cracked rear header in the pool heater
  • Broken skimmers and filter
  • Cracked pool tiles
  • Upheaval of the pool deck

Although self-closure of a swimming pool may be preferred for financial reasons, it may be worthwhile to invest in a professional swimming pool company in Toronto like Jones Pools. Our expert team can perform a complete inspection to ensure that your pool is ready for winterization – no repairs or replacement parts needed – before they move forward with actually closing the pool.

Investing in a swimming pool service in the fall can potentially save hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repair costs before the pool can be reopened next spring.

The Critical Steps For Effective Swimming Pool Winterization

Swimming pool winterization is significantly more involved that simply turning off the pump and laying a cover over the surface of the water. Proper swimming pool preparation for the upcoming winter months includes several intricate steps that must be performed skillfully and thoroughly in order to ensure that the pool is fully protected.

On a macro level, the key steps for thorough swimming pool winterization consist of:

  • Inspecting for any leaks and tears/faults in the liner or walls
  • Reducing the water level to just below the skimmers
  • Balancing water chemistry
  • Flushing water from all plumbing lines
  • Draining all water from filters, pump, heater
  • Removing the diving board and ladders
  • Covering the pool

A professional swimming pool service, such as Jones Pools, has the skill and expertise, as well as all the proper equipment, to perform all of the critical steps outlined above and make sure that your pool will be well protected for a smooth reopening next spring.

To ensure that your swimming pool is fully prepared for the upcoming winter, call the professionals at Jones Pools today at 905-642-9522 or 905-862-0414 and book a date now for your pool closing service.

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