How to Repair Cracks in Your Concrete Pool Deck

If there is a downside to springtime for pool owners, it is that they see for the first time any damage that winter weather has done to their concrete pool deck. Water expands by about 10% when it freezes, and any water that was under your pool deck last fall could have caused cracking when it expended during the winter.

You should repair and seal cracks in the deck as soon as possible. Leaving them open will only let in more water and result in more damage next winter.

Steps for Repairing and Sealing a Concrete Pool Deck

1. Clean Out the Crack

Leaves, dirt, debris, even bits of broken concrete will all make it more difficult for your repair cement to stick to the solid parts of the deck. Clean the crack as well as you can, inspect it, and clean out any remaining debris.

2. Fill With Cement

Don’t skimp on how much cement you put in the crack. Try your best to force it as far into the crack as you can. The more gaps the cement fills up below the surface of the crack, the better. Scrape excess cement from the surface and level the repaired area.

3. Coat with Epoxy Sealant

After your cement repair has dried, spread an epoxy sealant over the repair, making sure to cover the joint between the repair and the pool deck. Make sure to full any gaps thoroughly with the epoxy.

4. Check the Seal

The epoxy seal will help keep water from getting into the repair. To test that the seal is good, pour some some water onto the sealed area after the sealant has dried. If the water remains on the repair, then you have a good seal. If the water disappears into the repair, repeat the sealant process after your test water dries.

If you’re looking for expert concrete pool deck repair, or even to install a new deck or patio, give us a call here at Jone Pools.

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