3 Ideas for More Backyard Privacy

A beautiful backyard pool surrounded by tall fences and shrubbery. Are you looking for ways to build up your backyard privacy from peering eyes? Here are some ideas to get you started!

They mean no harm. We all like to see people enjoying themselves. But, when you’re the object of your neighbours prying eyes when you’re in your pool, it can take away from your enjoyment.

Especially if your pool is newer, creating more privacy around your backyard and pool can give your family and guests a little more peace of mind   

How to Create More Backyard Privacy In  Your Backyard

We all have different preferences. You may prefer to just make it so your pool isn’t wide open for others to see, or you may want to make sure no one can see anything in your yard.  In any case, there are different options to suit your tastes.

Trees, Shrubs and Hedges

A natural barrier can be the most beautiful and offer the most privacy. While local bylaws can limit the height of fences, trees and hedges can be any height. But there are two drawbacks to natural privacy partitions

First, you may have to wait some years before it offers all the privacy you want, or it may be more costly to install if you choose more mature trees and shrubs. Second, even if you have space in your yard, adding more trees in the vicinity of your pool can increase the number of leaves and debris that fall into it. And that means more swimming pool maintenance for you.


Privacy fences can offer instant, complete privacy. If fencing around your entire yard isn’t possible, you can consider just putting a fence around the pool area. There’s also lots of variety on the types and styles of fences available, so you can find something that compliments your backyard landscape.

Curtains or Partitions

These might not be the first thing you think of, but if you look at enough swimming pool glamour shots, you’re bound to come across these versatile privacy options. Portable curtain curtains and partitions can be used around your pool to create privacy as needed. They can also be used as windbreaks or simply beautiful additions to the décor around the pool.

To learn more about creating a garden to enhance the look of your pool area, check out our article “How to Plant the Perfect Poolside Garden”.

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