How Infinity Pools Work

A Custom Pool Builder Can Create the Illusion of Infinity for Your Pool

For luxury resorts portrayed in the movies or advertised in travel magazines, there will often be an emphasis on the majesty of their swimming pool or pools and any associated amenities.  Swim-up bars, tanning ledges, and other features are frequently highlighted, along with the spectacular view from the pool deck looking out over the pool toward the ocean, mountains, or a golf course.

But there seems to be some sort of illusion with this stunning view across the pool.  The far side of the pool does not appear to have a defined endpoint; the water level in the swimming pool looks to be touching the ocean or the terrain well beyond the end of the resort.  Well there must be some sort of trick photography or camerawork at play, right?

Not so.  This illusion has been created by a custom pool builder to give the impression that the end of the pool does not exist, yet somehow the water level in the pool remains consistent at all times.  This type of pool design is commonly known as an infinity edge or may sometimes be referred to as:

  • vanishing edge
  • negative edge, or
  • disappearing edge

The concept of an infinity edge pool is both ingenious and yet relatively straightforward. To produce the desired effect of a vanishing or disappearing edge, a pool builder includes the following steps/actions during the construction process:

  • How an Infinity Edge Pool Works
    • The far/back wall of the pool is lowered to match the eventual water level
      • helps create the illusion of infinity when the pool is finally filled with water
    • The top edge of the lowered wall is sloped gradually/gently away from the pool
      • allows water to flow out in waterfall fashion (only more steadily and quietly)
    • A catch pool/basin is built along the bottom on the exterior of the lowered wall
      • collects or catches the overflow of water
    • A second pump system, separate from the pool pump, is installed in this basin
      • recirculates the overflow back into the pool to maintain a constant water level

This continuous movement/flow of water over the lowered wall then circulating back into the pool creates the illusion that the pool has an infinite length while keeping the water level at an appropriate and desired depth for swimmers and pool users.

A Pool Design that Creates the Desired Infinity Effect and a Spectacular View

The installation of an infinity edge pool is not restricted to just high-end vacation resorts or isolated estates.  In recent years, this type of pool has become much more popular with owners of less exclusive real estate.  Under the appropriate conditions, these pools can now be designed and installed for such properties as:

  • homes/cottages
  • hotels and motels
  • community centres
  • apartment buildings
  • condominium complexes

However, as fundamental as the construction process might seem on paper, the design and installation of an infinity pool are somewhat more elaborate and complex than just following the steps or actions that were outlined above.  When the services of a custom pool builder, such as Jones Pools, are sought to construct an infinity edge pool, there are several factors that need to be considered before moving forward – these include:

  • Positioning – can the pool design be oriented to capture the desired view?
  • Site evaluation – is there sufficient slope to accommodate the catch basin?
  • Catch basin capacity – is there enough room to build an adequate-volume basin?
  • Catch basin pump – what horsepower is needed for proper water recirculation?

A custom pool builder, such as Jones Pools, recognizes the nuances and intricacies of constructing infinity edge pools and has the expertise to install this style of pool with the meticulousness required to produce the optimal effect and a spectacular view.

For additional information on the pool construction services provided by the team from Jones Pools, including the designing and installation of infinity edge pools, please click here.

Interested in an infinity edge pool for your private or commercial property?  Our expert pool contractors are very experienced with respect to pool designs and the construction of custom pools.  Call Jones Pools today at either 905-642-9522 or 905-862-0414 to schedule a no-obligation consultation on the option of installing an infinity edge pool on your property.

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