Hot Tub & Spa Tips During the Winter

hot tub winter tips

 If there is one time of year that many hot tubs and spa owners appreciate them more than others, it’s winter. There’s nothing quite as refreshing and invigorating as slipping into the warm waters of your hot tub in the cold, crisp winter air.

Spas & hot tubs, including spill-over spas, are one of the most popular swimming pool water features out there. And The energy efficiency of newer spas and hot tubs makes the idea of keeping it open throughout the cold months even more inviting.

4 Tips to Keep Your Hot Tub & Spa Open This Winter

Check out these simple tips to keep you and your hot tub or spa in good shape this winter

  1. Practice Good Water Care – This is a good tip any time, but it’s even more so in the winter. Considering you need extended periods of above-freezing temperatures to drain and refill your spa, you must be even more vigilant about keeping the water clean. You might not know when the next chance to do so will come up.

    You and your guests should at least have a quick rinse before getting in, and avoid using skin lotions.  
  2. Keep an Eye on Water Levels – Circulating the water is your best defence against freezing the water in the pipes of your spa. But if the water level falls below the skimmer level, that can’t happen. It’s important to note that dry air in winter can evaporate the spa water faster than during the summer.
  3. Keep the Jets Low – The faster your jets pump out the water, the more the water gets exposed to the cold outside air, and the colder it is for you. A good cover and keeping your jets as low as possible are two of the best ways to maintain the temperature of the water in your spa and keep your energy bills low. 
  4. Give Your Tub or Spa an Upgrade – Especially if you’ve had your spa for some time, doing something each year to enhance it can help you enjoy it more. Everything from heat lamps to windbreaks, even LED lighting, can help make your hot tub and spa experience a different one every year.

To learn more about swimming pool upgrades, check out our post “What To Consider When Choosing Above Ground Pool Entry Steps”. 

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