Helpful Tips For Your DIY Custom Pool And Landscaping Project

DIY Tips For Your Custom Pool And Landscaping Project

Swimming pool landscaping can deliver the most outstanding results. If you plan to do it yourself, there are a few fundamentals to keep in mind in order to achieve these satisfying results.

Important things to remember for pool and landscape design:

  • Focus On Both Beauty And Privacy
    Growing tall plants around your pool area provides a natural screen in addition to softening the lines of your hardscape.
  • Choose Plants That Will Not Add To Your Clean-up Efforts
    Trees and plants that shed leaves into your pool can be very frustrating. Even evergreens shed needles and fruit trees can create a huge mess.
  • Think Safety When Selecting Hardscapes For Your Project
    The area around your pool is going to get wet and you want to choose a non-slippery surface. Also consider the maintenance of the hardscape material you select. Brick, for instance, can get covered with moss and needs periodic cleaning.
  • Install A Fence Around The Pool
    This is another important safety aspect to keep in mind especially when you have small children or visitors with kids. You can always add vines to make it look attractive. Pool lighting is also highly recommended.
  • Consider A Patio Or Pool Deck With A Gazebo
    Outdoor furniture and a barbeque is a perfect complement to your backyard pool. It makes a nice area to relax as well as entertain your guests. Many people choose a closed gazebo as it can function as an outdoor change room as well.

For the perfect results, it is best to choose an established custom pool builder. In addition to having the training, experience and the right tools to get the job done right, professionals will also offer many good ideas for an attractive outdoor poolside space.

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